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Best App for iOS devices in 2017

In order to search for the desired app from App Store, you can find the best app for different categories from the parts. When you need to get the top Apps for your iOS devices, just choose the selected Apps for you.

8mm Vintage Camera

As time went by, retro elements have been popular again. More and more people prefer to express their feelings with film analog editors to rediscover the unique atmosphere. 8mm Vintage Camera app is the first choice for most iPhone users. You can shoot with 8mm Vintage Camera iOS app with the film effect analog feature, or to customize with numerous retro filters. Thus, you should not miss 8mm Vintage Camera app on iPhone if you have not use video analog app before.


If you have installed photo-emulating app before, you may hear CameraBag Photo app. being the classic gallery of film stimulations and cameras, CameraBag app have cleaner interface than other editors do. You can preview image effect when you are browsing, which means CameraBag app will analog directly. Thus, if you do not need to customize photograph heavily, you can replace Photoshop with CameraBag app.


Hipstamatic is the professional but funny photo editor app on iPhone. You can use Hipstamatic app to take images just like digital cameras. Hipstamatic has been Apple’s original app of the year, because of different shoot modes and full editing suite. Different with other common image editors, Hipstamatic provides professional film analog presets with vivid shooting experience.

Photo Quilt

Photo Quilt is the auto photo maker, which takes care of everything for you. All you need to do is just selecting the pictures you want, which do not need to crop your photos. The app strips out a lot of common options offered by others in the category, but it makes it so you can create a framed collage in less than 30 seconds and share it with friends. Photo Quilt is a great tool because of its speed, alone.


Being famous with the good quality of presets and comprehensive filters, VSCO Cam editor has attracted many photographers with similar interests to photos. You can create, share and discover in the user-friendly interface. VSCO Cam app has multiply languages and it will update per month to establish funny features. Thus, users will never get tired and you can catch fashion all the time, based on VSCO Cam app.


Brushstroke is the best app to turn iPhone photos into painting. The program provides the paint, color, canvas and signatures to make a professional painting. When you need to use the different brushes of Brushstroke to create paintings as Van Gogh, Monet, Cezanne or Renoir, you only choose variety of Paint styles to achieve the paintings with ease.


What is the best app for designing wallpaper? Patternator is one of the top cute wallpaper designer for iOS and Android. Patternator offers millions of stickers, hundreds of backgrounds, patterns and layout options. It is extremely easy to use Patternator to create a desired wallpaper with the multiple templates and powerful editing features. Just download the program to enjoy yourself.


Afterfocus is an essential App to turn iOS devices into DSLR camera. It is a best app to create a blur background or apply Bokeh effect for your photographs. AfterFocus is able to keeping the draw out part remains sharp and adjusting the blurring effects. It is a must have application to create a blur background to have a smart focus, create active image using blur motion or create aesthetic night view using bokeh effect.

Bonfire Photo Editor

Bonfire Photo Editor is the best app to turn photo into watercolor. The excellent program provides hundreds of unique effects and filters, advanced selfie improvements and high resolution output files. What is more, you can always find some interesting for turning photo into watercolor as the profession. Just learn more detail about the gorgeous Photo Application from the article.