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  • Charles Gray at September 19, 2017
    There are several holidays a year. And the pressure to send out your annual holiday cards to update family and friends about your happiness life and cute children is approaching. Maybe using your photos to make holiday photo cards is…
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    holiday photo cards
  • Charles Gray at September 18, 2017
    Dropbox is the tool for people to transfer files easily accessible with contactors or strangers. If your Internet connection is strong, you can send larges files through Dropbox. Moreover, even though you do not have Dropbox account before, it is…
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    how to add photos to dropbox
  • Charles Gray at September 17, 2017
    After the wedding, you might collect oceans of digital photos from photographers. Each photo recorded a wonderful moment. It is really hard to decide using which ones to make wedding photo album. At this time, you need a powerful tool…
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    wedding photo album
  • Charles Gray at September 16, 2017
    There are many ways to make fun with photos. Sometimes, it is enough funny to put two photos side by side. Clothing clashing, for example, is a common phenomenon in ceremonies, especially in entertainment ceremonies. Putting two stars wearing the…
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    side by side photo app
  • Charles Gray at September 15, 2017
    Today, more and more people have a pet. And they are not just animals, but family members. According to a recent survey, majority of adults believe that pets are better than families and friends, because they are always accompanied with…
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    funny cat photos
  • Charles Gray at September 14, 2017
    Are you still viewing your fiends’ funny family photos? Maybe it is the time to make funny family pictures by your own. Actually, there are many ways to create a funny picture. Capturing an awkward moment, for example, is the…
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    funny family photos
  • Charles Gray at September 13, 2017
    Many people will change their Facebook cover photo frequently. So if you look at the same thing day after day, you will get bored. How to make funny Facebook cover photos seems simple to some people, while to majority of…
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    funny photo cover
  • Charles Gray at September 12, 2017
    It is common to add background to photo, to add certain atmosphere, or for other premises. No matter that reason you take, there is no doubt that background can make quite a different on photos. There are many tools you…
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    add background to photo
  • Charles Gray at September 11, 2017
    If you have just become a parent, you will find that your child is growing every day. You may want to record every change using photos. When you get a large collection of baby photos, you can make baby photo…
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    make baby photo album
  • Charles Gray at September 10, 2017
    We have shared many tips and guides to help you take great pictures. If you follow our guides and take a perfect photo, well done! It may be social media ready, but a funny photo captions could make your photo…
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    photo captions