Ever wondered why your subjects look disproportioned in certain photographs compared to real life? For instance, some parts of the subject appear disproportionately large relative to the whole. Or why buildings look like they are tipping? Especially, the pillars of architecture in an image are looks like slanted. Chances are it’s due to photo distortion. In order to photography a more stunning photo, you can not only use professional app to make HDR photo effects but also need to correct photo distortion.


  1. What is Photo Distortion
  2. Correct Photo Distortion in Photoshop
  3. App to Correct Photo Distortion


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What is Photo Distortion

Generally, photo distortion can be divided into two kinds, one is lens distortion (also called optical distortion) and the other is perspective distortion. In the photography world, taking perfect lenses, means a lens with zero distortion, are very rare. The most common types of lens distortion are:

Barrel Distortion: The photo appears like it is bowing out at the center of the image.

photo distortion: barrel distortion


Pincushion Distortion: The photo looks like it has a depression in the middle.

correct photo distortion: pincushion distortion


Mustache or Fisheye Distortion: This will make the photo appear as if it has been pasted onto a ball.

correct photo distortion: fisheye distortion


Additionally, if the subject is too close to the camera, it looks disproportionately large of distorted when compared to the objects in the background. Actually, both lens distortion and perspective distortion are very normal occurrence.


Correct Photo Distortion in Photoshop

Photoshop is an incredibly powerful program, which can greatly improve image quality. It empowers you to correct photo distortion and make everything nice and straight.

Correct Photo Distortion: Image Straightening

Photo straightening is relatively easy to correct.

  1. Launch Photoshop on your computer and open the image you want to correct.
  2. Select the Crop tool from  on the tools toolbar on the left.
  3. Drag each corner of the image and rotated the image as per your preference.
  4. Press Enter key to crop the straightened image.
correct photo distortion-straighten image


Fix Photo Distortion: Correct Perspective Distortion

There are two approaches that you can correct perspective distortion in Photoshop. You can either use the Perspective Correction Tool or the Pick Tool.

  1. Open Photoshop and click on the Perspective Correction Tool from on the Tool toolbar.
  2. Drag the control points until the subject looks straight.

Besides, for sake of correct photo distortion easier, there offers a plenty of options that you can select how many grid lines you want to display. Also, you are allowed to crop the image to a rectangular shape.

If you want to correct the perspective in a layer, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the layer you would like to fix.
  2. Go to View > Grid to display the gridlines. This will help you adjust the image.
  3. Adjust the settings through go to View > Change Grid > Guide & Snap Properties.
  4. Click on the Pick Tool, which creates a bounding box around the entire layer. And then tap on the Tool Option – Pick Tool in the top of the workplace.
  5. Choose Perspective in the Mode options drop down menu.

Then you should hold down the Ctrl key and click on a corner of the bounding box. Drag it to modify the perspective of the image.

correct perspective distortion


Correct Photo Distortions: Right Lens Distortion

Actually, correcting lens distortions in Photoshop is extremely easy. It provides a number of tools to handle distortion problems. All you need is find right method to adjust correct photo distortions. For example, you find the photo has barrel distortion, and then you should just adjust Barrel Distortion Correction. Once you have correct photo distortions, you can use the best photo printer to print the beautiful photos to preserve them forever.

correct photo distortion-lens correction


App to Correct Photo Distortion

It is super easy to learn how to correct photo distortions in Photoshop. While if you want to fix photo distortion no matter where you are, you should use the app, which helps you to correct photo distortion quickly and simply.

SKRWT is a functional app, which designs for correcting iPhone photo distortion. It offers an easy to use interface. The tools are located at the bottom of the screen, so that you can easily wipe left or right to access more icons. Furthermore, the most attractive thing should be that it has a number of correction tools, includes Straighten Tool, Horizontal Correction Tool, Vertical Correction Tool, and Vignette Tool and other useful tools. You can directly download SKRW from the App Store. Now, lets correct photo distortion though SKRWT:

  1. Open SKRWT app.

You can tap the camera icon to photography a photo. Otherwise, you can choose the icon with the two overlapping squares to import the photo from your Photos.

app to correct photo distortion-interface

  1. Find the tool you want to use.

When the photo is open, you can select the tool you need by swiping across the icons at the bottom.

app to correct photo distortion-select right tool to correct distortion

  1. Crop the photo.

After you finishing adjust the photo, you can just crop the straight part.

app to correct photo distortion-crop the image

  1. Save or share to Instagram.

app to correct photo distortion- share and save

Moreover, you can learn more information about lens distortion correction to get a comprehensive knowledge of powerful app to correct photo distortion.

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