If you have just become a parent, you will find that your child is growing every day. You may want to record every change using photos. When you get a large collection of baby photos, you can make baby photo albums to display his or her growing process. It is still expensive to make photo albums in professional photography studio. You may wonder whether I can create photo albums at home. The answer is yes. And we are going to show you how to make baby photo album on Windows, Mac or online. Follow our guides, you cannot only design personalized photo album, but also save a lot of money.


Make baby photo album on Mac

Sometimes, the baby photos taken by your own are not perfect. You’d better enhance the photos first. We recommend you use iFotosoft Photo Denoise. It uses advanced algorithm to deal with hundreds of photos in batch, so Photo Denoise could save you a lot time.


How to make a perfect baby photo album on Mac

Step 1: Enhance photos

Launch iFotosoft Photo Denoise, drag and drop the folder contains all baby photos into the photo enhancer. It will analyze these photos and you can adjust the value of Luminance and Chrominance to remove various noises manually.

Step 2: Retouch faces

When Photo Denoise detects faces in your baby photos, the Face Soften feature will become available. And you can retouch the faces modifying parameter.

Step 3: Make album

Save the neat baby photos to hard disk after enhancing. Open Photos app on your Mac. Select all de-noised baby photos and click New Album in File menu to make a perfect baby photo album.

Step 4: Print album

Of course, you can store baby photos in digital albums. That is completely free of charge. But, if you want to print baby photo album, you print it with a home printer or Apple print service.


Create a baby photo album on Windows

If you need a professional photo album maker for your Windows PC, Photoshop Elements is a good choice. It is a visual product of Adobe. One power feature of PSE 10 is to help you create photo albums at home.


How to create baby photo album on Windows

Step 1: Create new album

Launch PSE 10, unfold the Plus icon in right Albums panel and choose New Album from the list. Drop a name, like baby photo album, on the album detail dialog.

Step 2: Add photos

On the photo gallery panel, select the baby photos you want to add to the album. Right click on a selected photo and choose Add Selected Items from option list. Then you can preview the baby photos in right Content tab.

Step 3: Save album

Once click on the Done button at bottom right corner, the new created album will show up on the album list. Now, you can add or remove baby photos at any time by hitting the buttons with Plus and Minus icons.

Step 4: Print album

Until now, you have created a digital baby photo album with PSE 10. To print it, you can go to File-> Print and make the baby photo book with your home printer.


Design digital baby photo album online

Compared to create physical albums, digital baby photo album is better choice to save precious memories. Firstly, digital photo album is environmentally friendly. Moreover, it is easier to save. A digital baby photo book could exist until the end of the world. Flickr is a popular photo cloud service and you can create a digital baby photo album with Flickr.


How to create a digital baby photo album

Step 1: Sign in

Access Flickr web in your browser and sign in with your Yahoo Account. If you do not have an account, you can register one right now. Each account could enjoy 1TB free storage.

Step 2: Upload photos

Click on Upload Photos to upload baby photos from hard drive to Flickr. If you have hundreds of photos to import, it will take a while. And you can decide to store baby photos in Private or Public. After uploaded, you can rename the photo and pick up a description by clicking on Sets.

Tip: Flickr supports to upload and save photos in full resolution.

Step 3: Create new album

Go to You-> Organize-> Albums & Collection at top ribbon. Click on Create a new album option, enter a title and description to the digital baby photo album.

Step 4: Add photos

You can drag and drop uploaded baby photos from the bottom to the new album or click More options to search for photos by tags. Press Save to complete it.

Actually, many online print services could print baby photo album books from your Flickr digital albums, like Shufferly, Snapfish and more.



Baby photo album is a good idea to save previous moment and record the growing process of your children. In this tutorial, we have introduced multiple ways to make baby photo albums by your own. With these methods, you can make baby photo book at home or create a digital photo album. Before making baby photo albums, we suggest you to enhance the photos with iFotosoft Photo Denoise. No matter you use digital cameras or smartphone to take baby photos, Photo Denoise is able to reduce the noises and spots produced by lens, ISO and more. Moreover, this photo editor has the capacity to deal with hundreds of baby photos at one time. Then you can decide to make a baby photo album book or save them in digital photo album.