Many people will change their Facebook cover photo frequently. So if you look at the same thing day after day, you will get bored. How to make funny Facebook cover photos seems simple to some people, while to majority of social media users, it is still a challenge. So, we are going to show you multiple ways to create awesome Facebook covers on Windows, Mac, or online. To help you learn what a funny cover photo should look like, we have collected several such cover photos below.


Funny cover photos overview

As you can see, these funny Facebook cover photos are not a simple picture. They all blend pictures together to create humorous effect. So, if you want to create a funny cover photo, you have to grasp this skill. Let’s start to add some humor to your cover photos right now.


Make funny cover photos on Windows

Photoshop is a professional photo editor. And it is the best choice to make a funny cover photo for your Facebook account on Windows PC. Now, Facebook cover photo size is 828 x 315 pixels. You should remember these numbers in your mind.


How to make a funny cover photo with Photoshop

Step 1: Create cover photo template

Launch Photoshop and go to File-> New to create a cover photo template sized in 828 x 315 pixels. Or you can download a Facebook cover photo template from internet.

Step 2: Deal with the picture put on top layer

If you want to blend pictures together, you have to remove the background of the picture you want to put on the top layer. Choose Background Eraser tool from the toolbox and customize settings at top ribbon. Then use this tool to erase the picture background.

Step 3: Deal with the background picture

Drag and drop the background picture into Photoshop. Choose Rectangle Select tool on left tool bar and click on the picture. Locate to top ribbon, select Fixed Size from the Style list and set Width in 828 pixels and Height in 315 pixels. Then copy the part you want to use on the cover photo from the background picture.

Step 4: Blend pictures together.

Go to the template and paste the background on a new layer. Then copy the top-layer picture to the template and move it to the right position. Make sure all layers are visible and merge them together by clicking Merge Visible in Layer menu.

Step 5: Save the funny cover photo to PC

Go to File-> Save As and choose JPEG from format list and save the cover photo to your computer. Then you can use the funny cover photo to replace the previous one.


Create funny cover photos on Mac

Preview is a system utility for Mac OS X. And it has the capacity to create funny cover photos with blending multiple pictures. Unlike Photoshop, Preview is totally free to use and simpler.

How to create a funny cover photo

Step 1: Load all desired pictures

Go to the folder contains the picture you want to use in your Facebook cover photo and open them in separate windows.

Step 2: Remove the background

Choose the picture you need to remove its background and open the Editing panel. Use the Instant Alpha tool to erase most part of the picture background. And deal with the details using Lasso tool.

Step 3: Resize the background image

Go to the picture you want to use as the background of the cover photo and resize it in 828 x 315 pixels using the Adjust Size option in Tools menu.

Step 4: Merge two pictures together

Switch to the window contains the picture without background. Press Cmd+ A and then hit Cmd + C to copy it. Then turn to the background picture and paste the previous picture by pressing Cmd + V.

Tip: You can adjust the size of the previous picture before pasting.

Step 5: Export the funny cover photo

Then you can save the blended cover photo to local hard drive and upload to your Facebook account.


Design funny cover photos online

Online photo editors are another choice to design cover photos for Facebook account. And several online photo editors offer Facebook cover photo template, such as Canva. That could save you a lot of time.

How to design a funny cover photo online

Step 1: Visit in your browser and login your account. If you do not have one, you can register with your email.

Step 2: On the dashboard page, click on More and choose Facebook Cover from the list to open the template page. Here you can scroll down to browse and discover your favorite template.

Step 3: Click on a template and adjust the background and elements as you wish.

Step 4: Press UPLOAD on left side bar to upload your pictures for making a funny cover photo. After loaded, you can drag and drop the pictures to right positions.

Step 5: Finally, click on Share at top ribbon to send the funny cover photo to Facebook directly.



In this tutorial, we have shared how to make funny cover photos for Facebook on Windows, Mac and online. Social media has become the largest country in our world. We are sharing our ideas, creativities, daily life and wonderful moments with friends all over the world. If you want to attract others attention, a funny cover photo is apparently a great choice. Follow our guides; you will discover that it is not as difficult as you thought to add humor to your social media cover photos.