While traditional wedding photos are special and important, funny wedding photos can make your wedding images really stand out from the crowd. Today, people are trying to get rid of traditions, including traditional wedding photos. So, more and more people prefer to put a little creativity into their wedding photos and make the special data even more memorable. Therefore, we are going to show you how to make funny wedding photos on Windows, Mac and online using technology methods. Say cheese and get ready to go a little crazy for the camera. Even if there is no professional photographer, you can make funny wedding photos with our guides.


Easiest way to make wedding photos funny

There are many methods could make your wedding photos funny. Among these methods, we suggest beginners to try utilizing the memorable scenes of your favorite films. There are several popular films every year and you can merge your photos with the movie scenes or elements to create funny wedding photos.

If you want to create a perfect wedding picture, you should use a high quality one and photo enhancing is a necessary process. iFotosoft Photo Denoise is a professional photo editor to remove noises and enhance photo quality.


How to enhance wedding photos

Step 1: Upload the photo from hard disk

Install iFotosoft Photo Denoise to your computer and open it. Click on Import button to upload the images you want to make as funny wedding photos from local hard disk or drag and drop the folder into the photo editor directly.

Step 2: Enhance photos in one click

After uploaded, the photo editor is able to analyze your photos automatically. Adjust the value of Luminance and Chrominance options to reduce noises from the photos. If you want to highlight the details, you can increase the value of Sharpness. Then use the Face Soften function to remove blemishes and winkle from your photos.

Step 4: Export the results to your computer

Finally, click on the Export button and then choose Save to export the results to your computer.


How to make funny wedding photos on Mac

To help you understand how to make a funny wedding photo on Mac, we use lightning as the example, which is the common element in tech movies. GIMP is a free photo editor since it is an open source project. This photo editor is available to both Windows and Mac, so you can use it to decorate your wedding photos.

Step 1: Download the lightning picture you want to us in your wedding photo and import it into GIMP.

Step 2: Choose the Fuzzy Select Tool from the left side toolbar and select a large part of the background. Hold Shift key and click other parts of the background until all unwanted areas have been selected. Then press Delete key to remove the background.

Tip: If you select wanted part, you can hold Cmd key and click the part to subtract it.

Step 3: Go to Select-> Grow and input 2-3 pixels. Open Filters-> Blur and choose Guassian Blur option to smooth the edge of the lightning picture.

Step 4: Drag and drop your wedding photo into GIMP and copy and paste the lightning element on the correct place. Finally, emerge them together and save the result to your computer.


How to create funny wedding photos on Windows PCs

Paint.Net is a popular photo editor for Windows users. It offers extensive features than MS Paint. And it is totally free of charge in Windows Store and available to Windows 10. So, we will use Paint.Net to create funny wedding photos in this part.

Step 1: Run Paint.Net and open the lightning picture into the photo editor. Go to the Tools menu and choose Magic Wand option.

Step 2: Use the Magic Wand tool to select most of the background. Press the Delete key to remove the background from the photo.

Tip: Magic Wand tool is able to select the area with the same color. And you can reset the value of the Tolerance option to change the selection range.

Step 3: To erase the smaller areas, you can zoom in the picture and use the Eraser tool in Tools menu. The smaller brush size could deal with the smaller areas easily.

Step 4: Go to File-> Open to load your wedding photo and blend with the lightning element to create a funny wedding photo.


How to produce funny wedding photos online

Pixlr was once a free photo editor for both Windows PCs and Mac computers, but the developers announced that they would stop offering free desktop programs. Fortunately, Pixlr is still available online for free. Of course, it is able to help you produce funny wedding photos online.

Step 1: Upload the picture contains the lightning element in to Pixlr. This online photo editor supports upload photos with URL.

Step 2: Choose the Wand tool on left toolbar. Select all unwanted parts on the picture and remove them by pressing the Delete key.

Step 3: Go to Layer-> Open image as layer to upload your wedding photo from computer to Pixlr. Make sure the layer contains the lightning element is on the top of your wedding photo. Move the lightning element to the right position.

Step 4: Click Merge visible in the Layer menu to complete funny wedding photo design.



In this tutorial, we have discussed how to make funny wedding photos on Windows, Mac and online. As you can see it is much easier than you thought if you use the correct photo editor. No matter you create funny wedding photos on Windows PCs, Mac computer, or use online photo editors to produce funny photos; a high quality photo is the prerequisite. iFotosoft Photo Denoise is able to simplify the process of wedding photos enhancing. The biggest advantage is that Photo Denoise utilizes advanced algorithm to soften faces in your wedding photos.