We have shared many tips and guides to help you take great pictures. If you follow our guides and take a perfect photo, well done! It may be social media ready, but a funny photo captions could make your photo even better. That is true. Are you still browsing the funny photo captions on social media? It is time to do something by your own. In this article, we are going to show you how to make funny photo captions in details. If you are ready, take out your laptop, iPhone or Android phone. Let’s start creating photo captions right now.


Tips for writing funny captions on photos

If you do not know what should write on the photos, you can follow the tips below to stimulate your creativity.

  1. Look as much as possible. There are many funny photo captions on social media, like Instagram. It is a good beginning to learn from others.
  2. Anthropomorphize stuff. Maybe you record a pet or a plant in your photo. Treat them as human and write some words from their perspective.
  3. Ask yourself and answer it. When you do not have any mind about a picture, ask yourself what he or she is doing. And answer the question in a funny way. That is what you should write on the photo.
  4. Tell a story in a few words. You can put the photo in a context and use a few words to tell people why or how it happens.
  5. Make a comparison or analogy. Sometimes, a photo reminds you another famous event, scene or people. Then you can use two photos to make a comparison or analogy.


How to make funny photo captions on Mac

The easiest way to write funny photo captions on Mac is iFotosoft Photo Converter. Before share your photos to social media, you have to convert them to compatible formats. Photo Converter has the capacity to convert any image formats to commonly used photo formats without quality loss. Moreover, it could help you add captions on photos easily. And you can share the outputs to Facebook or other network within Photo Converter directly.

Step 1: Installation

Download the latest iFotosoft Photo Converter and install it on your Mac.

Step 2: Load photo

Launch Photo Converter, click on the Import button at bottom to load the photo from hard disk. Or you can drag and drop multiple photos into the application directly.

Step 3: Decide format

Choose JPEG, which is supported by all social media, from the drop-down list of Format on the pop-up dialog. Then change the Quality based on your situation and hit the OK button to continue.

Step 4: Add caption

Go to the Watermark tab and choose Text from the list. Write what you want to say in the field. And you can customize Font, Style, Color, Size and other parameters.

Step 5: Share photos

Finally, click on the Export button at bottom and then hit Share to post the photo with funny caption to social media.


Write funny captions on photos PC

On Windows PC, the easiest method to write photo captions is Paints. It is a system application, so you do not need to install anything on your PC. And its simple features could meet your requirements related to write caption on a photo.

Step 1: Import picture

Locate to the folder contains the picture you want to share on social network. Right click on the photo and choose Paints in Open With menu.

Step 2: Edit picture

If your picture is very large, you can Resize or Crop the picture according to the social network announcement.

Step 3: Write caption

Press the Text tool on top ribbon and click on the picture to evoke the text box. Then you can write photo caption in the text box. Highlight the caption and adjust parameters on top ribbon, like Font, Style, Color and more.

Step 4: Save photo caption

Hover on the text box until the cursor turns to a cross. Drag the text box and put the caption in right position. Go to File-> Save As and choose JPEG from the list.

Then you can send the funny photo caption to your friends.


Create photo caption on mobile phone

Today, many people already become mobile-first, who rely on their mobile phones to do every daily task. As its name said, Quick — add text to photos fast is able to add captions on images quickly and easily. This photo caption maker is available to both iPhone and Android phone.

Step 1: Download and install Quick on your mobile phone. Then open Quick from your home screen and permit it to access your Camera Roll or Photo Gallery.

Step 2: Choose an image to add caption and if you do not want to crop it, tap on Skip to go to Text screen directly.

Step 3: Double tap on the image to go to editing mode. Then you can enter funny words as you wish.

Step 4: Hold down the caption and move it to the right position. Swipe the Font style to choose your favorite one. And you can move the Color slider to modify caption colors.

Step 5: Tap on the upward icon and then hit SHARE to send funny photo caption to social media.



As you can see, making funny photo captions is not as difficult as you thought. And now you can follow our guides to create interesting photo captions by your own. If you have difficulties to write something funny, you can read our tips. And when you have good ideas, you can use the simple tools introduced in this post to add funny captions on photos at anytime and anywhere. iFotosoft Photo Converter could simplify the process of photo caption making. And Windows Paints is another easy way to write captions on photo. If you want to make funny photo caption on mobile phone, you can try Quick.