After the wedding, you might collect oceans of digital photos from photographers. Each photo recorded a wonderful moment. It is really hard to decide using which ones to make wedding photo album. At this time, you need a powerful tool to help you organize photos and make wedding photo album. In this article, we are going to show you how to make wedding photo book by your own. Although this work needs your patience, our recommendations and guides could help you simplify the task. If you collect all wedding photos, let’s start to create photo albums as you wish.


Create wedding photo album on Mac

No matter you want to print the wedding photo album or save the wedding photo book in digital, you might want to enhance the photo quality. iFotosoft Photo Denoise is able to remove blemishes and noises from the wedding photos.

How to enhance photos for wedding photo album

Step 1: Installation

Download the latest version of Photo Denoise and follow the onscreen instruction to install on your Mac computer.

Step 2: Add photos

Click on the Import button to add photos into Photo Denoise. Or you can drag and drop the photos into the photo enhancer directly.

Tip: Photo Denoise supports all photo formats, including RAW files.

Step 3: Enhance photos

This photo enhancer is able to analyze your wedding photos using advanced algorithm. And you can remove noises by adjusting the value of Luminance and Chrominance.

Step 4: Soften face

When Photo Denoise recognizes the faces on your wedding photos, the Face Soften feature will be available. Then you can retouch the faces in one click.

Step 5: Create album

Finally, save the photos to hard disk by clicking on the Save button.

Lauch the Photos app, select the enhanced photos and go to File-> New Album, enter wedding photo album and hit the OK button on the pop dialog to complete photo album creating. Then you can print or share the album as you wish.


Make wedding photo album on Windows

Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular application for presentation. Actually, it is also has the capacity to make wedding photo albums. So, if you have a Microsoft Office suite, you can use the PowerPoint directly. Moreover, Microsoft offers plentiful photo album templates for free. You can use the free templates

How to make wedding photo album with PowerPoint

Step 1: Download template

Go to and discover your favorite wedding photo album template. Click on the Download button on description page to get it on your PC.

Step 2: Open template

Right click on the downloaded template and choose PowerPoint 2013 in Open With menu to open PowerPoint.

Tip: This way is available to other version of PowerPoint too.

Step 3: Customize album cover

On the album cover page, click on the Title to pick up a name for your wedding photo album. Press the cover photo to replace with your favorite photo.

Step 4: Add photos

Scroll down and add wedding photos to the album pages. And you can add a description to each page.

Step 5: Save album

Go to File-> Save to save the wedding photo album in digital. Or you can print the album by clicking on Print in File menu.


Design digital wedding photo album

More and more people choose to save their wedding photos in digital. It makes sense, when you consider that digital photos could preserve for longer time. Moreover, there are many free services offering photo album feature, like Dropbox.

How to design and share wedding photo album in Dropbox

Step 1: Upload photos

Visit the Dropdox website and login your account. If you do not have one, you can register right now. Drag and drop photos from local hard drive to Dropbox web to upload them. Or you can upload wedding photos on smartphone app.

Step 2: Create album

Click on the Photos button on the left side bar to display all photos stored in your Dropbox account. Select all wedding photos and click the Share Photos button at top ribbon.

Then enter your email address and tick the checkbox of Save As Album on the pop-up window. Once click on the Send button, Dropbox will create a photo album with selected photos.

Step 3: Edit album

Access Dropbox’s Album page to view the wedding photo album you created. Here you can rename and reset the photo album. And you can add or delete photos at any time.

Step 4: Share album

If you want to share your wedding photo album to your family and friends, you can find the URL in your email.



After wedding, new couples will start their sweet new life. How to deal with a large amount of wedding photos is a big problem. It is a good idea to organize and preserve them in wedding photo albums. There are many photo editors and album makers on market. The methods we introduced in this article are the best for various platforms. They are able to simplify the process of making wedding photo albums. iFotosoft Photo Denoise has the capacity to polish and retouch your wedding photos. And you can print or preserve them in albums with highest quality. If you need templates, you can use PowerPoint. Microsoft offers extensive wedding photo album templates. Dropbox and other cloud services are another choice to store photos and make wedding photo books online. You can make a decision according to your demands and situations.