For people who need to change photo size, using online photo resizer seems to be the better choice. No installation required, and no built-in ads interpret your resizing photos creations. Moreover, most online image resizer support batch resize pictures online as well. Transferring images from phone to computer can organize photos in large amount better, considering the limited iPhone storage space. All in all online photo resizer is your first choice, to process pictures in batch of changing sizes.

It is the online photo resizer, for you to get resizing photos for free. You are able to resize photos in pixels, percentages, or in customizable way of resetting width and length. To be more specific, there are several resizing photo types and filters for you to choose from. The first one is keep aspect ratio. It is the tool to make sure your image will not lose the original shape, and turn to something strange. The second on is Stretching or Narrowing, for you to manually resize images. And the third one is cropping of excess edges, by using top, left, right, bottom and central part of image. It has covered most photo resizing necessaries.

Of course, there are not resizing photo tools only, you can change Interpolation and size in DPI if necessary. To output resized photos, you can choose to output in original photo quality. Or you can also set different JPEG photo quality from 1 to 100. There is another choice to make it stand out, which are copy EXIF and other metadata feature. Tap Yes if you need, to get resizing photos copies.

You can resize photos online here, and output into Facebook directly, through the new released Facebook Image Resizer here. Compares with other common online picture resizers, the whole process to resize photos can be divided into 5 steps. The first one is to open photo gallery to choose the correct picture to import. Secondly, sets your new photo size, by using the preset or choose customize size manually. Thirdly, apply two special image effects, which are greyscale or sepia. Fourthly, set the output resizing photos quality, in good, better or best. The better your resized images to be saved as, the larger sizes they will be. At last, hit Resize option to change photo sizes.

It is the website for people to resize photos only. Therefore, no extra photo editing tools or image effects you to add additionally. But if you just need to change photo sizes, using Shrink online photo resizer is the nice choice, to save time on unnecessary photo filters.

It is the simplest inline photo resize website, throughout the whole article. Just upload photos to, and then set width and height to resize. Hit resize image button in the bottom, to start resizing photos online in free way. In addition, there is an animated GIF image resizing here too, in the new released version. It may be the feature other resizing photo sites cannot offer. If you need to change photo format o something else, requires people to enter other online sites, of photo format changing or further editing work. Thus, another timesaving resizing photos site has been found.


Fotor Image Resizer

Once Fotor is mentioned, almost everyone is familiar with it. Fotor is the large platform, for people to edit, manage and store pictures with. The well-designed templates and totally free filters are always top leaders among others. The reason I put Fotor into the forth place of photo resizers is because its large photo filters gallery. Sometimes you just lose yourself on beautiful effects and filters. Therefore, I put it a little behind, due to its comprehensive filters offered.

When you open Fotor image resizer to change photo size, it will cost you several seconds, to load all filters. Though it is understandable why Fotor is time-costing displayed, but not quite convenient in some cases. Now, upload your large size image online, to type the proportions of width and height. Or you can determine percentage of resizing photos, from 1 to 100. Later, tick Keep Proportions option if necessary. At last, change photo output format and quality to save resized images as location you set.

Fotor is the online photo resizer, which allows people to resize any image without cropping. It means that you can reshape, resize and modify images online with the smart filters, no traditional ways any more. Moreover, you can share resized images to Facebook, Instagram and other occasions, with templates for you to save resizing photos free.



The above four picture resizers have their own characteristics, you can choose from its specifics, or according to your personal needs. In another word, choose simple photo size changer is you just need to resize images, to save time in some degree. If you just have no idea how your resized images to be beautified, then the latter choice with comprehensive editing tools may suits you better. No matter which methods you use to download resizing photos, if you have anything hard to understand, feel free to contact us. We are waiting for your reply.