Night sky and star photos are always attractive people’s eyes. When looking up at the starry sky, we may perhaps full of longing and yearning for the vast universe. The night sky is mystery whilst brings a sense of romance. Stars are so magnificent that human being is mesmerized. Taking night sky photos seems a way to record the fantastic scenery, while it is a tricky to photograph night sky photos. Expect the location, and other natural factors like weather, light of the moon, what can you do to take good night sky photos? Read this tutorial and try to take better night sky photographs through the basics skills.

how to shoot night sky, stars, Milky Way photos


  1. Preparation for Shooting Night Sky Photos
  2. Take Night Sky Photos with RAW Camera
  3. Photograph Night Sky Photos with iPhone
  4. Optimize Night Sky Photos in Powerful Photo Editor


Preparation for Shooting Night Sky Photos

Actually, in order to take incredible night sky photos, you need nearly three elements. The first key element to photographing the night sky, stars, or Milky Way is Time.


the first key element of taking good night sky photos


The perfect time to shoot night sky is highly dependent on the moon phases and the time of year. Supposing that if there is a moon in the sky, you can hardly see stars. Therefore, when taking night sky photos or starry sky ensures that the moon is not visible, meanwhile, stars appear as bright as possible. But if you want to photograph the moon, you also need to select a good time.



The second equally important item is Camera, with includes manual mode functionality that shoots in RAW format. Likewise, a sturdy Tripod is required. To take night sky photos, a good digital camera is essential, which can capture long exposure image of the night sky and provide a lager surface area. Moreover, a well-built tripod reduces the shake of camera.



The third necessary item is a powerful Photo Editor. Photo editing should be one of the hardest and most rewarding parts of night sky and landscape photography. You can know the best photo editor to process night sky photo below.


iFotosoft Photo FilmSim




Take Night Sky Photos with Digital Camera

For sake of shooting brilliant images at night, you need to adjust camera settings. The two representative digital cameras are Nikon D3100 and Canon Rebel T3i. Both of them allow you take night sky photos easy and fun. First of all, you should adjust camera more into manual and set white balance into daylight.

  1. Set to one shot and set to 1600 or 800 for long- exposure to catch night star trail.
  2. Adjust exposure compensation into zero.
  3. Set Shutter speed and use Self Timer to trip the shutter to reduce vibrations.
  4. Lock mirror up to reduce camera movement and vibration.
  5. Turn off Built-in flash and Red-Eye reduction, which do not have any relates with night sky photos.

As normal digital camera use JPEG format as default, the disadvantage is that JPEG format may lose information for high quality. As a result, you can try the RAW file format to preserve all the data in the high bit depth to take night sky photos DSLR.

take night sky photos with camera


Photograph Night Sky Photos with iPhone

Photographing night sky photos with iPhone is also popular. Furthermore, it is convenient to take shots with iPhone or Android smart phones. As for most people, taking photos of night sky with smart phones just has three steps, open camera roll, focus the night sky and then click the icon. To some extent, whether shooting night sky images beautiful or not is determined by chance. However, you just need to do something more in few steps, and then you can take good night sky photos with iPhone.

  1. Put your iPhone on the solid place to keep steady. Even if you shake in a slight degree, you can get the shutter represent on the night sky images. Or you can buy a tripod to avoid blurry images of night sky.
  2. Reduce exposure levels to avoid over-exposed highlights of night sky. If you take night sky images without set smart phones’ exposure as daytime, you can find that all objects are brighter than usual.
  3. Use a light source to create a spotlight on the object. Though dark environment can increase magic feelings, images will also be fuzzy and aimless. Thus, you can use streetlight, flashlight to create dramatic atmosphere.
  4. Capture moving objects with long exposure. First of all, download a night sky photo app on your smart phone. And then you can use high-speed driving trains with stationary stuffs to contrast, like buildings or yourself.
  5. Protect your iPhone or Android phone proper to shoot night sky images in the rain. Drops on night sky photography can soft your emotion to stand out.

Black and white film photography is the popular methods people use to represent high contrast. You can also express mysterious meanings by taking night photos of sky in black and white.

take night sky photos with iPhone


Optimize Night Sky Photos in Powerful Photo Editor

Processing the night sky photos through photo editing software is an important step that many people probably miss out. Nevertheless, photo editor can optimize pictures of the night sky, stars, and the Milky Way. Here is iFotosoft Photo Denoise, which can bring amazing results.


How to Reduce Noise in iFotosoft Photo Denoise

iFotosoft Photo Denoise is the best RAW image noise reduction software and photo beautifier. It offers best photo noise reduction to eliminate image noise while preserving image details. Besides, it delivers outstanding image quality and a distinctive natural look. This is an ideal photo editor for photographers, who are fond of taking night sky photos.

You can download a free trial version of this photo denoise software from iFotosoft. Otherwise, you can directly purchase iFotosoft Photo Denoise. Not only this photo denoise includes functional features, but also it comes with friendly-use interface. And thus, every user can modify photos within a few seconds.

  1. Open Photo Denoise and click Import button in the lower left corner to load the night sky photos that you want to edit.
  2. Adjust settings in the right menu according to your need. You can unleash your creativity to make your own night images.
  3. Save or share to social medial.

You can beautify you night sky photos in iFotosoft Photo Denoise right now.


Other Functional Features of iFotosoft Photo Denoise

In face, iFotosoft Photo Denoise software works well with noise reduction and also it is famous as the best portraits beautify software to retouch faces.

  • Lets you to remove the blemishes and soften image in an easy process.
  • Include advanced algorithms to adjust the beautify portraits. Also detect multiple faces and optimize portraits professionally.


In consideration of many photographers may need to process a lots of RAW images at once, iFotosoft Photo Deoise offers batch process to turn a large amount of noisy images into neat pictures in one click. This can greatly save users’ time.



When you finishing edit your photos, you can either save them or share to social media. iFotosoft Photo Denoise lets you save the output stunning neat photos to Mac. Otherwise, you can post photos on popular social media websites, such as Flick, Facebook, and Twitter.



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and can shoot brilliant night sky photos as well! If you have any query about how to take night sky photos, you can leave your comments below.

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