Everyone has some security need to be protected, no matter they are important or not. It is uncomfortable for people to be exposed to others. Therefore, it is time to install one security protector, to prevent personal data divulgation. Thus, I want to recommend Photo Vault application for you, which is the top photo safe keeper, to hide images behind one password. It means the only solution to access your privacy images is to enter the fixed password. It is usually consisted with four numbers, digital numbers. And then you can enter and get hidden photos, divided into different albums and renamed. In another word, Photo Vault app is the huge album with the lock, once you hold the only key carefully, then nobody can open the door to see photos without your permission.


What can Photo Vault Do

The general determination of Photo Vault is to hide photos and videos away from others. Or you can regard it as the special folder, to keep something privacy. It is very easy to set the account of the photo hider, as well as finding and searching files. Let me show you the accurate structure of the photo and video protector on iPhone and Android devices.

The first part is the password protected by app entry, and later the pin lock is also something important, and need to pay enough attention on. For people who have really security photos to hide, you can set the new password again, to keep people out of your private albums.

Well, sometimes, there are just some people who ignore the lock your have set, and enter some words they though may be your password. At this time, Photo Vault app will send you the break-in report. It is the report contains the photo of the person, and the GPS location of where he or she is, with your mobile phone. If you enter the wrong password to enter the private album, you may face the same situation, which is receiving the same announcing email, with the shoots of yourself. But it is acceptable to get those reports even though I was regard as the person who broken into. Because it proves how professional Photo Vault is.


How to Keep Photos and Videos Safe

Now it is time to hide your own secrets, with the password ensure. Moreover, you can create photo slideshows to watch your hide images with better experience. And there are many filters provided in the private image gallery, to view photos with full functioning filters, like zooming, rotation, panning and etc. Just follow my steps to see the detail operations.

Step 1: Set the account and create the new pin.

Do not use your daily password, like Facebook password or something very obvious to detect, if you really want to hide those images and videos. Hun, the lucky number is not safe as well. But make sure you have recorded it into somewhere, or it is headache if you forget the accurate password to unlock Photo Vault.

Step 2: Create photo albums to store different photos.

You can set photo albums and rename according to its genres, or your preferences. Well, for videos hiding, you can take the similar methods, to store them with customizable folder to store.

Step 3: Lock those photos and videos into Photo Vault on iPhone or Android.

When you have sorted out all images, hit the plus button on the top. Later, you will see all those files being removed from the former photo gallery, and be locked into private folders.

Now you van view all those private photos and videos, with the only access with the fixed password. There are also background settings for you to change background wallpaper into something you like, from provided default choices, or upload and customizable by yourself.


Frequently Asked Questions and Best Answers

Some people may still hold different opinions towards Photo Vault downloading, installation, limitations and some certain steps of photo hiding. You can read the followings questions, which may raise similar questions with you. And most of them have been solved with best solutions below.

Question 1: Can I export photos after hiding into Photo Vault?

Answer 1: Yes. It does not mean that once you store photos into the program, you will lose its control. There are still many other choices you can do after you output. it will be backed after you remove out of the certain photo security protect program.


Question 2: Is there any limitation of photo storing? I mean the limited photo storage space.

Answer 2: Not yet. The accurate file numbers you can store into Photo Vault depends on your phone storage space. As long as your smart phone has enough space, you can store any large files into iPhone or Android.


Question 3: Who can see my photos, can photo Vault developer do?
Answer 3: Well, all your stored images and videos will not be uploaded to the server. You are the only person, who has the ability to open the door of hidden images.