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Photo FilmSim For Mac

Rediscover the magic of stunning analog film effects and film grain.

Gorgeous Analog Film Presets and Camera Profiles

  • Four analog film style solutions with dozens of revolutionary camera profiles.
  • Different contrast and saturation within the analog film color modes.
  • Easy to choose between Black & White, Ferric Sulfate, Gold, Selenium and Sepia.
  • Some unique styles to your photos with the advanced calibration technology.
analog film effect
bw film effect

Analog Film Grain with Authenticity And Natural Look

  • Reproduce the authenticity and natural look of film with analog film grain.
  • Custom grain, dust and scratches that enhance the feeling of the traditional photograph.
  • Dozen of analog film grain camera profiles to apply stunning photograph.
  • Excellent algorithm to design an old time photograph with analog film grains.

Preserve High Quality of Digital Photographs

  • Support JPEG, TIFF and most of the RAW formats to preserve the high quality digital photographs.
  • Save to JPEG and TIFF files with different qualities.
  • Easy to use and design stunning photos with analog film as your imagination.
positive film
kodak ektachrome

Share Photos with Analog Film Effects

  • Send photos to  Flick, Facebook and Twitter within Photo FilmSim.
  • Share photos to family or friends via AirDrop or Photos.
  • Directly send the FilmSim photographs via Email to friends.
  • More customize sharing solution for Analog film photography.

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