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Privacy Policy

iFotosoft always solemnly promises to protect your privacy. Please read the following statement to better understand web privacy policies related to iFotosoft.

Personal Information

When ordering products or services on iFotosoft, your name, address, Email, credit card number, and credit card expiration date will be required to complete the transaction. As for subscribe users, iFotosoft collect personal information for delivering a superior level of customer service.

Usage of Information

Your permission is required to use the personal information for paying the bill. And of course your information will also be great support for us going on. iFotosoft do not distribute, sell, or otherwise share your personal information. If you find some users improperly collected or used, just send Email to us as soon as possible.

Security Solutions

We have strictly implemented industry-standard security mechanisms and procedure to protect the precious data. The Administrative, technical, and physical measures are used to prevent the loss, misuse, manipulation of the information we have.

iFotosoft uses secure server hosted by RegNow and other 3rd party credit card processors that encrypt the entire customer’s personal information including name, address, credit card number credit card expiration date etc. before it is sent to us. Encryption works to prevent any malicious use of your personal information.

You can help us by also taking precautions to protect your personal data when you are on the Internet. Change your passwords often using a combination of letters and numbers, and make sure you use a secure web browser like Safari.

About Cookies

A cookie is a small text file that a Website writes to your hard drive. As using cookies, when you come back to iFotosoft, the website can recognize you as return visitor and provide you the valuable and personalize service.

You can change the settings in your browser to prevent cookies if you do not want to have a cookie set when your visit our website. However, by doing so, you may not have full access to all the web pages.