Dropbox is the tool for people to transfer files easily accessible with contactors or strangers. If your Internet connection is strong, you can send larges files through Dropbox. Moreover, even though you do not have Dropbox account before, it is still work to add photos to Dropbox. During your file sharing, you can comment below, to edit, sync and share files through Dropbox. As there are over millions of users installed Dropbox already, it is essential to know methods of photo transferring with Dropbox.

As there are different methods you can access Dropbox, on desktop or mobile versions. The process of photo transferring can be divided into several parts according to its locations as well.


Part 1: How to Add Photos to Dropbox through Desktop Websites

The first step you need to do is to log in the Dropbox website, with email address and password signed in. If you do not use your personal computer to add photos to Dropbox with, you have better untick Remember me option, for the safety of your personal privacy. Later, navigate to the folders you want to transfer images from, by hitting Apps button in the first place. You can also create the new folder by clicking to add icon in Dropbox. Click Upload files button in blue to get access to your photo collection. And then tap Choose files option to double click photos you wanna to add. Unless your image files have up to 20 GB. Hit Start Upload button to start images transferring through Dropbox.


Part 2: How to Add Photos to Dropbox with Desktop APP

Download and install Dropbox desktop app first. Once you equip your computer with Dropbox, your further photo transferring process will be easier. And you can get more accessible filters to manage with. Later, enter your Dropbox account, or you can sign in with your Google account as well. Hit Open my Dropbox button, to store files with, including all your pictures. For Windows users, the Dropbox folder will be in your main user folder. And for Mac users, you can turn to Home folder to look for.

Navigate Dropbox icon under Favorites pane on the left pane, and you will receive long lists of all folders you created. You can also drag and drop other folders into Dropbox interface to add new ones. Or you can make a copy with the original files left. Set up Dropbox to sync other folders to your Mac automatically. Tick all photos and files and then you can add photos to Dropbox on Windows or Mac computer free.


Part 3: How to Add Photos to Dropbox via Mobile APP

You can install Dropbox not only on Android phones, but also iPhone tablets. Turn on the Wi-Fi connection, and then to install Dropbox from iTunes or Google Play with. Register your name and contact information, to hit Create Account button to move on. Or you can sign in with Dropbox username and password into. Hit the plus button in the bottom, and then click Create or Upload File option to upload photos from your photo gallery. Hit Upload button on the top right corner, to add photos to Dropbox to store and backup.


Part 4: Something You Should Know about Dropbox

Dropbox supports users to share screenshots quickly. Once you hit Preferences icon in Dropbox interface, you can tap the Import tab, and then choose save screenshots button to store screenshots in Dropbox. The default photo store location is in screenshots folder. You can receive the share URL to copy to clipboard automatically. You can paste into iMessages, email attachments and whatever you wanna to share with.

For some images stored in Dropbox, you can comment below. Just right click the certain picture, and then choose Comment selection to leave comments with. Moreover, it is supportable to add your colleagues’ names as well. After that, the person you tagged will receive the notification to be alerted.

You may not know that Dropbox is the powerful image viewer, with which you can preview numerous file types online. You do not have to install the specific photo viewer to move on the photo opening process. Furthermore, the Share icon on the top right corner enable users to share images as well. For instance, full PDF documents, illustrator designs and other large design files are also accessible. Thus, you can view all images after adding photos to Dropbox.

Dropbox is also the editor of Microsoft Office files. It is the free basic version display on yoru browser. And then you can open and edit words from Dropbox with built-in filters without installing a copy of Office on computer.



From the above descriptions, you can get the different impression of Dropbox. And I’m sure you can get more access to add photos to Dropbox, for further edit, preview, manage and other tasks. You are able to transfer pictures online, from desktop version and mobile devices. And that’s all for today’s Dropbox photo adding process. If you still have anything hard to understand, feel free to contact us. We are looking forward for your respectful advises all the time.