Claire White, Author at iFotosoft

4 Methods to Make a YouTube Banner Online/ Offline

YouTube is a platform people communicate with others by millions of videos and movies. Nowadays, everyone can post videos to YouTube to share with others, just like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Let’s put aside the substance of your video, the first thing people will click into your channel is the title and attractive YouTube banner…

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5 Methods to Remove Image Background Online and Offline

Whether removing image background is difficult depends on the editor you choose. A good image background remover can shorten time effectively. Thus, you can process portraits with different backgrounds, which makes things different. There is much software you can choose to remove image background, from Microsoft Paint to Preview in Mac computer. Of course, processes..

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Best Image Editor among Mac/ PC/ iPhone/ Android/ Google

Image editors are essential tools for every photographer during daily photo processing. You need one photo editor to customize photography styles, resize image size, and add film effects etc. to be more specific, how to choose an image editor on Mac and mobile devices are different, because the photo editing requirements varies among different devices…

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