If you are chasing for unique film effects and film grains, you can use something like photo editor to analog instead of using the real films. Making color negative film effects may seem difficult if you use camera to shots. However, Photo FilmSim has simplified things, which is the stunning analog maker. You are able to adjust and apply hundreds of film presets and camera profiles by a tap with Photo FilmSim easily. It is extremely convenience to make color negative film printing, why not download to have a try for free.


  1. Color Negative Film History
  2. Photo FilmSim – Color Negative Film Editor
  3. Comparison of Color Film



Color Negative Film History

Negative is the lightest part of photography, it offers larger ISO speeds for better exposure latitude. Color negative film can be digitally scanned to print by non-photographic means. You will find that the contrast and colors are almost true to life. Because of nearly less limitations about user operating, using color negative film is the popular choice for amateurs.


Photo FilmSim – Color Negative Film Scanner

Being the professional analog film effects and film grain photo editor, Photo FilmSim can make stunning jobs to analog the perfect film effects you want. You can rediscover any film style situation without preparing the related films. Thus it is a piece of cake to  make color negative film photography. Just adjust with Photo FilmSim, and then to enjoy the magic photography styles easily.


Photo FilmSim Film Presets and Camera Profiles

  1. You can get four analog film style solutions with 12 classic film profiles. (Color positive film, color negative film, black and white film and cross processed film)
  2. There are four film color contrast, four film color saturation and seven film color specials for you to choose. (Black and white, ferric sulfate, gold, selenium, sepia terra, sepia gold and sepia)
  3. Photo FilmSim provides dozens of film grains, which you can adjust intensity and size freely. (They are mainly Kodak Ektachrome, Fuji, llford delta and so on.)

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Photo FilmSim Features

  1. Easy to analog all the above film presets and camera profiles to recover authenticity and natural look.
  2. Support to upload images of JPEG, TIFF and most of the RAW formats to preserve the high quality of digital photographs.
  3. Save to JPEG and TIFF files with the freely adjustable qualities.
  4. Share photographs with analog film effects social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Flick.
  5. Send color negative film printings by emails, Airdrop or Photos.

filmsim effects

Color Negative Film Processing

After knowing the main features about Photo FilmSim, it is time to do color negative film processing. You can also make black and white film photography by the color negative film scanner easily.


  1. Download Photo FilmSim on the iFotosoft. You can try the free version in five days, after that, you need to purchase. Or your color negative film effects will be added with the watermark of iFotosoft.
  2. Click “Import” to upload photographs to make color negative film printing.
    Photo FilmSim - Color Negative Film Scanner
  3. Select under “Film Profile” to find “color negative film”. After that you can also analog film color mode or film grain to personalize the color negative film photography.
    Photo FilmSim - Color Negative Film Scanner
  4. Click “Share” icon to enjoy with friends or tap “Save” to export photos. You can add tags to the color negative film printing, or select TIFF or JPEG formats and then adjust quality to save as.
    Photo FilmSim - Color Negative Film Scanner


The total color negative film processing has been done. It is obvious easy and fun to operating with Photo FilmSim, which is the best color negative film maker. Moreover, you can import several images to Photo FilmSim to batch editing as well.


Make Color Negative Film Manually

If you are not satisfied with the effects added by the computer, you can also try to use chemicals to create color negative film effects. It is not difficult to develop color negative film manually. You can DIY at home with few steps within 10 minutes. That’s fun to make color negative film scanning. Just follow my steps.



  1. Tetenal C-41 Press Kit, bilx A, bilx B
  2. Film tanks and film reels
  3. A pitch black room or film changing bag
  4. Hot water, can opener, a funnel, a thermometer, a measuring breaker, a squeegee


Color Negative Film Developing Process

  1. Heat up all the needed chemicals with the hot water to nearly 39 centigrade.
  2. After warming up, pour out the extra water in the developing tank and pour the developer in.
  3. Repeat the above steps to the left chemicals.
  4. Wash the negatives to get out of blix.
  5. Add the stabilizer and agitate for about ten seconds, and then pour them back to the bottle.
  6. Wait for drying out the color negative film or use some tissue to wipe.



Color Negative Film Comparison

On the FilmSim, you are able to analog two color film types. They are color positive film and color negative film. From the basic difference, color negative film has more bright color than color positive film. Because the former is tend to make color prints, it is more likely to be color negative film overexposure, while the latter is going to create slides. Thus, color negative film is more selected for wedding or other situations requiring for happy emotions. When you use cross processed film with Photo FilmSim, the images contrast will be obvious than other two. In addition, you can also add camera profiles to analog film presets as you want.