Taking a family photo is a wonderful moment. Thanks to digital cameras and smartphones penetration, we could shoot family photos at anytime and anywhere. Besides technology, the only thing you need is a good family photo idea. However, creativity is not simply task. It may be the most unpredictable thing in the world. For ordinary people, to learn from others’ ideas is a good point to start. Where to find the creative family photo ideas? The answer is the article below. We have browsed hundreds of creative family photos online and identified the best ones. And in this article, we will show you top family photo ideas in details.


Top family photo idea: Imitate your favorite movie

There are several popular movies every year. And imitating your favorite movie is one of the best family photo ideas. Movie posters, for example, usually include important scenes and actors. You and your family members could imitate the movie poster or memorable scenes to shoot a family portrait. Or you can just makeup and cosplay the actors in your favorite movie topic, like zombie. This is the most interesting idea about family photos. And the preparation process is memorable too.



Top family photo idea: Picture in picture

Picture in picture is a feature of some television models. One program is displayed on the full screen at the same time one or more other shows are playing in inset windows. If you use this family photo idea, you will discover that making funny family portrait is rather easy. Firstly, take several photos about your family members. And then you can hold their photos and create a family portrait. Of course, you can use your laptop or tablet to capture the portraits of your families without paper photographs. Anyway, you can enjoy funny moment with this family portrait idea.


Top family photo idea: Break the tradition

While the regular family photo is probably good enough, you certainly want to do something that out of the ordinary. Traditionally, we take a family photo and then add a frame on it. But if we hold a frame in the family photo, we have broken the tradition. As you can see, this family photo idea is the easiest one. All you need is a frame. And the result is cool.


Top family photo idea: With your pet

Today, many families have pets, such as dogs, cats, or other animals. And they treat pets as family members too. So, if you have a pet, you might want to include it in your family photos. Simply taking photos with pets seems too boring; so many people add special effects into their family photo ideas. Thank for powerful photo editing software, such as Photoshop, now you can try various effects and filters in your family photos.


Top family photo idea: Shoot a part of bodies

We usually capture the whole bodies of family members in family photos, although no one forces us to do so. Actually, we can break this rule and shoot a part of our bodies to display the family ties. Hands, feet and portraits are most commonly elements to show relationship in family photos. The biggest advantage of this family photo idea is that no extra props are needed.


Top family photo idea: Kiss time

A good family photo idea is not only related to how and where, but also involved with when. As one of the happiest moments, shooting kiss time is apparently a good family photo idea. It does not need preparation or guise. When you and your family members are kissing each other, take out your digital camera or smartphone and shoot it. That is all.



Top family photo idea: Levitation

Don’t worry! We do not ask you to learn about levitation from David Copperfield. Actually, this family photo idea is easy to understand and achieve. Take a family photo and then use a photo editor to transparent the background. Blend the processed family photo with a sky picture or any background image. And you can add balloons in the family photo to make levitation more realistic.



Top family photo idea: Include your hobby

Some people fall in love since they have the same hobby. When you take photos for your family, you should consider to adding the same hobby into the photos. Photography, for example, is a very common hobby. Decorate each family member with a camera and take a photo in beautiful natural environment. That is a wonderful family photo idea.


Top family photo idea: Use props

Props are important in all photos. If you use it correctly, it will help you create a perfect family photo idea. On the other hand, props could damage your family photos in a second. About how to use props, there are several rules: make it natural, use it special, not include too many props, and make it meaningful and make sense. If you follow these tips, you can take a good family photo with props easily.


Top family photo idea: Ask photography studio for help

The last family photo idea is to ask help from professional photography studio. Though it is expensive, studios usually have professional equipment. And you do not need to prepare anything else in addition of check. But before contact to the photography studio, you should be clear about the topic you want to use in your family photo.



We have summarized top 10 family photo ideas in this article. And we hope these creative ideas could help you take awesome family photos. To movie enthusiasts, imitating favorite movies is the best idea for family photos. And if your family members are busy, you can try the picture in picture idea. The family photo idea of breaking the tradition will make your photo cool. And you can try to include pets, hobbies or props in your family photo. If you are good at photo editing, you can try the levitation effect. And the most expensive family photo idea is to ask help from photography studio.