According to recent survey, majority of internet users are have more than one digital device. If you want to edit or enhance your photos on these devices, you will need to grasp the best photo editors for various platforms. Professional image editors, such as Photoshop, are powerful, but they are unaffordable to young people. There are many free photo editors on market, but only a few of them are able to offer features similar to professional tools. We have tested dozens of free photo editors in our lab. And you can get the best one for each platform in this article.


Best free photo editor for PCs: GIMP

GIMP is an open source project, so everyone could use this free photo editor on computers. Its basic features include:

  1. All windows are changeable and you can customize the view and the interface the way you like it.
  2. Offer basic photo editing tools, like select, crop, eraser, paint bucket, brush and more.
  3. Correct photos with transform tools.
  4. Enhance photos using advanced photo retouching techniques.
  5. Support Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.


  1. GIMP is flexible and you can extend features with plentiful plugins.
  2. It is totally free without ads, malware and spyware.
  3. GIMP is community developed and updated frequently.


  1. This free photo editor is not compatible with Windows 10.
  2. It is a little complicated to beginners since documentation is often missing or outdated.

Best free photo editor online: Fotor

Fotor is popular photo utility that has both desktop program and web based app. Now, the desktop Fotor is paid photo editor, but web app is still free to use. Its main features include:

  1. Support to upload images from local hard drive and social media.
  2. Offer all basic photo editing tools, like crop, resize, text, retouch and more.
  3. Include over 100 photo effects and filters to produce special effects.
  4. Decorate pictures with dozens of picture frames or hundreds of stickers.
  5. Create photo collages with diversity templates integrated in the Photo Collage Maker.
  6. Integrate more than 1000 design templates to help you make social media covers, posters, photo cards, and so on.


  1. This free photo editor provides extensive templates and photo effects.
  2. The interface is well designed and user friendly.


  1. The flashing ads appear annoying.

Best free photo editor for multi-device users: PicMonkey

PicMonkey is another famous free photo editor. And you can use it on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Its principal features include:

  1. It offers a web app, and a mobile app for iPhone and Android devices respectively.
  2. The built-in touchup tools could help you retouch selfies online or on mobile phones.
  3. You can design social media covers, photo cards, posters or more with the Photo Designer.
  4. And the Photo Collage Maker is a dedicated tool to create photo collage with personal pictures.
  5. This free photo editor also helps you to adjust, enhance or decorate photos.


  1. PicMonkey integrates almost all photo editing features.
  2. And you can enjoy the cross-platform experiences seamlessly.


  1. It asks your personal information for registry.
  2. PicMonkey will add watermark on each result automatically, unless you upgrade to the paid version.

Best free photo editor for professionals: Pixlr

If you want to use Photoshop for free, we will suggest you to try Pixlr. It offers pro-level photo editing features:

  1. Similar to PicMonkey, Pixlr has both web app and mobile apps, so you can use it crossing devices.
  2. The interface of Pixlr web app looks like Photoshop and you can edit, adjust or enhance images on layers.
  3. Pixlr has optimized the mobile app to help you edit photos on smartphone simpler.
  4. This free photo editor’s mobile app offers extensive photo effects and filters.
  5. And the built-in collage maker provides plentiful templates to help you make photo collages easily.
  6. The Auto Fix feature is able to correct, enhance and fix imperfect photos on smartphones.


  1. Though Pixlr is free to use, it offers extensive pro-level photo editing features.
  2. The web app supports dozens of languages.
  3. This free photo editor does not ask registry or other prerequisites.
  4. The mobile app is available to iPhones and Android phones.


  1. Pixlr lacks some features, like photo card templates.
  2. The user experiences crossing devices are different.

Best free photo editor for mobile phone: Photoshop Express Mobile

There are many free photo editing apps for mobile phones, but most need to purchase in app or watch annoying ads. Photoshop Express Mobile, which is released by Adobe, includes six photo editing tools on the editor screen:

  1. The Looks tool offers several filters to make special photo effects.
  2. The Crop section includes various options to help you crop photos in different sizes.
  3. The Corrections module allows you to adjust multiple parameters to balance colors of your photos.
  4. The Healing Brush is transplanted from Photoshop and able to fix photo noises.
  5. Redeye is a useful tool to correct redeye of selfies.
  6. The last feature is Borders, a library of photo frames.


  1. This free photo editor is free of charge without ads.
  2. The interface is user friendly and easy to navigate.
  3. This photo editor is available to iPhones, Android and Windows phones.


  1. The filters and photo effects are limited.


Although we spend a lot of time to visit our smartphones, computers are still necessary in workplace and daily life. And when editing photos on different devices, people usually want to identify the best photo editor for specific platform, like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. In this post, we have shared the best free photo editor for each platform to meet your demands. You can read our reviews and get the right tools for your digital devices. All these photo editors are free to use and offer a wide range of photo editing features.