Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms. And Instagram allows people to share their life and tell stories with photos. Moreover, Instagram is not only a social network, but also a photo editor. Users could add photos to Instagram and apply filters on the photos. Uploading photos to Instagram seems simple; but the beginners may still feel difficult to share photos to Instagram. In order to take full advantage of Instagram, we will share different ways to post photos to Instagram. You can learn how to post photos to Instagram from Windows, Mac, iPhones and Android handsets from this guidance.


Add photo to Instagram app

Instagram is a mobile first social media, so users could only post photo to Instagram within its app. No matter your smartphone runs iOS or Android, Instagram app is available. And you can take a photo and post it within Instagram app.

  1. Access Instagram app and log in your account. If you do not have one, you should register an account or log in with your Facebook account.
  2. Tap on the Camera icon on the bottom of screen, which is a box with a circle. In next page, choose PHOTO to continue.
  3. When your camera opened, you can take a photo within Instagram app.
  4. Then you can edit the photo just taken with built-in editing tools, like apply a filter, adjust color and more. Go to the next screen by pressing the arrow button on the top when editing finished.
  5. You can add a caption to your photo; but it is not necessary. And then add some hashtags with mark # to caption to allow others find your picture with the tags. You can set Tag People and Add Location in this page. If you want to share the photo to Facebook or other social networks, you can select in SHARE area. To allow special people to see the picture, you can set in DIRECT tab.
  6. Finally, press the Done button to post the photo to Instagram.


Post multiple photos to Instagram at once

Instagram allows users to share multiple photos from photo gallery at once. The process to share multiple photos to Instagram is as easy as post one photo. All you need is a good internet connection.

  1. Go to Instagram and log in your account. Tap on the Camera button on the bottom ribbon.
  2. In next page, choose GALLERY to open the photo gallery or camera roll on your smartphone.
  3. Browse and select all the pictures you want to share to Instagram. If you have multiple photo galleries on smartphone, you can unfold the All Photos list and go to another photo gallery.
  4. After selection, tap on the Next button to the top of the screen. Then Instagram will ask you to crop your photo, since Instagram only uploads the photos as squares.
  5. In editing screen, you can decorate your photo. The Next button is available at any time you want to move on.
  6. Then you can customize share to settings, including caption, hashtags, tag people, location and more.
  7. Tap on Done button on the top to share the photo to Instagram and repeat step 4 to step 6 to post other photos. The speed to upload photos to Instagram depends on your internet connection.


Add photos to Instagram on PCs

As I said above, Instagram is a mobile first application. Users cannot add photos to Instagram website. But we still could post photos to Instagram on computer via software, like Adobe Lightroom. LR/Instagram Plugin is a dedicated plugin to add photos to Instagram from Lightroom.

  1. Go to Lightroom, import the photos to add to Instagram and locate to File->Plugin Manager->Add to install LR/Instagram plugin. After installed, this plugin will create a publish service titled LR/Instagram and a publish collection named Instagram photos.
  2. Access the publish service and click on setup to log in your Instagram account. Right-click on the Instagram photos and hit Set as Target Collection.
  3. Navigate to Metadata panel and choose LR/Instagram. Then you can enter caption and hashtags for the photo to post.
  4. Hit B to upload the photo to Instagram photos. Repeat step 3 and 4 to upload other photos.
  5. In the publish collection of Instagram photos, unfold New Photos to Publish menu and click on the Publish button to add photos to Instagram on computer.

Although Adobe Lightroom is not free to charge, you can use LR/Instagram plugin without paying a penny.


Share photos to social media within iFotosoft Photo Viewer

iFotosoft Photo Viewer is another application that supports to upload photos from computer to social media. Compared to Adobe Lightroom, Photo Viewer is more affordable and easier.

  1. Open Photo Viewer and click on the Add button to import all the photos to post on Instagram from computer. Or you can drag and drop the photos or folders into the software.
  2. After the photos have been loaded, you can browse them in various modes, like Viewing Mode, Thumbnail Mode, Slideshow Mode, EXIF Mode and more.
  3. Photo Viewer also provides some basic editing tools. You can resize or rotate the photos before sharing. And you’d better convert the photos to the picture formats that Instagram supports within Photo Viewer.
  4. When the photos are ready, click on the Share button to post the photos on social media in batch.

Photo Viewer could read most photo formats, including RAW files. And in addition to share the photos to social media, Photo Viewer could save the outputs to your computer or print the pictures.



When you prepare to add photos to Instagram, you’d better spend a few minutes to read the guidance above. Then you will discover that there are various methods to share pictures to Instagram. Besides Instagram app, you can post pictures to Instagram on computer as well. The only thing you need is an appropriate tool and its guidance. Adobe Lightroom is one of best photo editor. And its LR/Instagram plugin could help you to upload photos to Instagram on PC. If you are looking for a simple way to share photos on social media, we recommend iFotosoft Photo Viewer. You can learn how to add photos to social media with Photo Viewer above.