Many Instagram users asked: can I edit Instagram photos once posted. Unfortunately, Instagram only allows users to edit the description, geolocation and tags. After the photo posted, users cannot change filters. The alternative solution is to delete the photo and post another one. So you’d better to think about it before posting. When it comes to how to edit Instagram photos, there are many useful tools could help you simplify the process and edit Instagram photos as pro. In this post, we will share the best Instagram photo editors on different platforms. And you can polish Instagram photos at where.


Edit Instagram photos on PCs

A clear photo is the basic to edit Instagram photos. However, many factors could lead to an imperfect photo, like hardware, skill, light and more. It is a pity to delete such photo directly. And iFotosoft Photo Denoise could help you to solve this problem. It is an easy-to-use photo editor that has the capacity to detect the noises on a photo and deal with them automatically.


How to edit Instagram photos with Photo Denoise

  1. Open Photo Denoise, when you prepare to edit photos for Instagram.
  2. Drag and drop the photos to edit into Photo Denoise. It could read almost all picture formats, including TIFF and RAW files.
  3. Then you can move the sliders to eliminate both Luminance noise and Chrominance noise without quality loss.
  4. If you are edit selfies for Instagram, the features of Auto Detect and Face Soften are available to beautify your photos.
  5. After editing, you can click on Save button to store the outputs on your PC. Or you can tap on Share button to post the edited photos to Instagram directly.

Photo Denoise supports to polish multiple pictures in batch. Photo Denoise has integrated an advanced algorithm, so it can deal with hundreds of photos in a few seconds.And it will show you the preview of the edited photos in real time.


Online photo editor for Instagram

There are some people prefer to edit Instagram photos with online photo editors. Although online photo editors are not as stable and powerful as desktop programs, online services are more portable. PicMonkey is such an online photo editor.


How to edit polish Instagram photos online

  1. Go to PicMonkey Editor on any browser under internet environment.
  2. Import a photo. Press Open option on top ribbon and choose Computer to upload the photo to edit from your PC. Or you can import a photo from Facebook or cloud services.
  3. Add a filter. Although Instagram app provides tons of filters, PicMonkey has more special ones for editing Instagram photos. After picture uploaded, select Effects menu with a magic stick icon on the left side. Select your favorite filter; adjust the basic parameters and click on Apply button to confirm changes.
  4. Makeup the face in the photo. If you are editing a selfie for Instagram, PicMonkey offers some makeup tools to beautify your face. Select Touch up option on the left side with a portrait icon. Then you can find the makeup tools related to Skin, Mouth, Eyes and more.
  5. Share the photo to Instagram. When the picture is done, you can click on the Share button to post it on Instagram directly. Or you can download the result to your PC by clicking on Save button. Although PicMonkey is a free photo editor, all the results will be watermarked. Although PicMonkey is a free photo editor, all the results will be watermarked.


Make Instagram photos on smartphones

Now, more and more people are mobile first. They do all the things only on smartphones, including take photos, access internet and visit social media. So, we will introduce how to edit Instagram photos on smartphones in this section. VSCO is a dedicated photo app that provides oceans of filters.


How to edit Instagram photos on smartphone

  1. Launch VSCO app and go to its settings screen.
  2. Touch Preferences; and then you can preview all the filters and adjust the preset order of the filter by dragging.
  3. Back to main panel and press the PLUS button on the top center of the screen to import a picture from photo library.
  4. After the picture loaded in VSCO, your favorite filters available will appear in the bottom.
  5. Choose a filter and apply it on the picture.
  6. Then you can share the output to Instagram directly.

VSCO allows users to add multiple filters on a photo to make it unique. And this photo editor app is compatible with both iPhones and Android handsets. And if you do not mind to watch some ads to exchange its feature for free, you can install it from App Store or Google Play Store.



In this article, we introduced various ways to edit Instagram photos. If you prefer to create an attractive image on PC, you can try iFotosoft Photo Denoise. This application is not only a photo de-noising tool, but also a smart tool to beautify photos. It is able to detect the noises on the photos and handle the noises while preserving the details. And then we introduced how to edit Instagram photos online in the second part. There are several online photo editors available and the processes are similar. Finally, you can edit Instagram photos on your smartphone as well. In a word, you are able to do all the things with these useful tools before post photos on Instagram. And you should remember that you cannot edit Instagram photos after posted.