Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms. Instagrammers could use photos to share their life with friends and families. And many people prefer to Instagram because it allows users to set private options. But can people see private Instagram photos? The answer is yes. Although we suggest people should send a private message and follow the others to see private photos, someone still needs to look at private Instagram photos without following. A young man, for example, still loves his ex-girlfriend and only wants to know her current situation. Therefore, we will share some legal ways to glance private Instagram photos without following.


See private Instagram photos on PCs

If you want to browse private Instagram photo without notification, you can try Instagram photos viewer services online. There are many online tools that allow people to browse private Instagram accounts without following. You can view the hidden images of the restricted accounts and the photos. We use InstaSpy as the example. The processes to view private Instagram photos via other online tools are similar.

How to see private Instagram photos

  1. Go to InstaSpy in any browser and click on the See Private Profiles Now! button in home page. InstaSpy will take you to the spy page.
  2. Create a new tab in your browser and access Instagram. Find out the account you want to browse and copy the URL.
  3. Back to InstaSpy and paste the URL into the field of Enter Instagram Profile URL.
  4. Unfold the drop-down list of What to View and choose Photos option. And then select View Profile data online in the drop-down list of Online or download.
  5. When you are ready, press the Continue button to go on. InstaSpy may ask you to verify you are human. Click on the HUMAN VERIFICATION! Button and press the VERIFY NOW button in the pop-up window.

Then you can browse the private Instagram photos online. Some Instagram spy tools may ask your username and other personal information. So, you’d better think about it carefully.


Look at private Instagram photos on smartphones

002 Besides online Instagram spy tools, developers have released several apps, such as Instagram+, which permits people to view private Instagram photos quietly. Unfortunately, this app is just available to Android devices. And App Store has stronger restrictions on such apps. The process to look at private Instagram photos with Instagram+ is easier than you thought.

How Instagram+ works

  1. Considering the conflicts between Instagram+ and official Instagram app, you should uninstall the latter first. Go to Settings app and check the box of Unknown Source. And then install Instagram+ on your Android phone with APK file.
  2. Launch Instagram+ in the home screen and log in your Instagram account. Instagram+ allows you to browse Instagram pictures, only after you log in.
  3. When your account opened, you can search for the private profile you’d like to view as in the official Instagram app.
  4. Tap on the private Instagram picture until it shows up on the screen. And then you can download the private Instagram picture to your smartphone.

Instagram+ allows you to browse the private pictures on Instagram like the open pictures. And you can download the private picture directly. Similar to online spy tools, you have to sign in your Instagram account within Instagram+. So, make sure you do not care about leaving your information to Instagram+.


Ask to view private Instagram profiles

If you do not want to sign in your Instagram account on a third party tools, you should try to send private messages and ask for looking for private Instagram pictures. We will share some tips to help you view private pictures successfully.

  1. Create a fake Instagram account If it is not convenient to follow the account you want to view with your own Instagram ID, you can create a fake ID. To follow a private account successfully, you’d better use a pretty girl’s photo in fake Instagram profile. Uploading some real pictures could make the fake account to look like a real one. And a private account is usually more trustable, so you can set the fake account to be private.
  2. Follow the private account After all the settings, you can send a follower request to the Instagrammer you’d like to view. If your request is neglected or refused, you can try to send a private message and genuine words.
  3. See the private Instagram pictures When your follower request is passed, you can check and view the private Instagram pictures as you wish. Although this is not the most convenient way, it is the safest method to look at private Instagram photos.



In this article, we introduce multiple ways to see private Instagram photos. Instagram’s private settings prevent strangers from looking at personal pictures. However, sometimes people need to crack such private settings and view private photos on Instagram. Parents, for example, may want to know their children’s real life through Instagram posts. There are several online Instagram spy tools, like InstaSpy, Private Instagram Viewer and View Private Profiles. Once you drop the URL, these online tools will display the private pictures and even allow you to download the pictures. Moreover, some mobile apps also have the capacity to access the other Instagrammer’s account and show you the private pictures. Although these ways are legal, it is still risk to hand your information, like Instagram account, into the third party services. So, we recommended you to create a fake Instagram ID and follow the tips to view private Instagram photos.