It is normal to take photos to record everything near by, however, not all images are in good quality. In most cases, these image qualities are worrying. You need to do more efforts to improve quality of images by third-party beautifier software to test and enhance. Moreover, if you want to enlarge photos to print, preserve image quality becomes more important. Thus, you need some photo editors to create special photo effects with user-friendly interface and easy operation. Of course, all of these photo helpers can preserve photography in high quality.


  1. Definition of Imagine Quality
  2. Professional Image Quality Tester and Enhancer
  3. Six Photo Maker to Improve Image Quality



Image Quality Definition

Image quality is the degree to measure the perceived image degradation, which compares with perfect images. The reason you cannot get quality image can be divided into several aspects. All of image quality factors will work in different degree.


  1. Sharpness is influenced by lens and sensor. If you over-sharpness your photography, the image will be fake. In most cases, cameras with high resolution only need a minimal amount of sharpness to preserve quality image.
  2. Noise is visible as film grain and pixel level variation among digital photography. The main cause is that you do not raise ISO up higher, which may decrease quality of images.
  3. Distortion is aberration to curve objects in photos. You may get this trouble when you are using low coast cameras to take photos, like cell phones and low cost DSLR lenses.
  4. You cannot ignore Dynamic range, tone reproduction, contrast, color accuracy and other image quality metrics as well.
  5. The improper movement during shooting will decrease image qualities and make the image looks vague.


Other factors except sharpness and noise reduction are also exist and should not be look down upon. In addition, be careful to use correct color space from Pro Photo RGB, Adobe RGB to sRGB to enhance image qualities.

iFotosoft Photo FilmSim




Enlarge Photos with high Image quality

If you have some really nice photos, which you want to turn into large prints, remember do not enlarge by “Image Resize”. Or your images will turn into something unclear. Actually, the number of megapixels determines the photo scale you can enlarge. Thus, you can use Photoshop to figure out the degree of image qualities for large prints. You should find the dimensions of the image first. And then multiply the height and width, divide with and high image quality dimensions by 300. After that, get a scanner to enlarge prints to preserve high quality of images.

In addition, you need to save image quality cannon as a less-compressed TIFF or JPEG files first before scanning. It is easy to get image quality in large prints. All in all, no matter which prints you want to DIY, like photo books or something similar, be sure to make images in high resolutions to get gorgeous photos.

How to Improve Image Quality


Image Quality Labs – Test Image Quality Metrics

Being the professional authoritative institution for over 15 years, Image Quality Labs provides image qualities metrics of digital cameras. This quality image testing facility locates in Research Triangle Park with a 7,000-acre development home. It employs over 39,000 full-time high-tech stuffs and approximately 10,000 contract employees.


The Image Quality Labs use industry standard image quality analysis and metrics to provide subjective assessments. You can read the test report about digital image quality testing directly. If you cannot get image quality equipment you want, you can ask for “Product Testing” service to receive texts in details.

How to Improve Image Quality


Fotor – Online Image Quality Enhancer

Though you had taken low  quality photography, things can also turn well with 1-Tap enhance of Fotor. The online image quality enhancer offers users to beautifier images for free. You can make the most common enhancements to images in low quality with only a single tap.


  1. Click “Get Started” to prepare to modify image quality evaluation.
  2. Import photos from computer, Facebook, Dropbox, Picasa or web.
  3. Use “Basic Edits” to improve image quality. The basic edits includes 1-Tap enhace, crop, rotate, resize, curves, color and basic. You can use tools to add frames, adopt fonts, stickrs and HDR to beautifier photos.
  4. Click “Compare” to enhance quality of images before and after. You can roll your mouse to compare the details in the fixed place.
  5. Save and select format to keep images with high quality.
How to Improve Image Quality

Fotor allows you to collage photo with various templates, you can select from the images per page. You can use Artistic collage to design with the images quality engineer.



Photo Maker to Edit Images in Wise and Effective Way

There are six selections for you to create different photo effects on Mac, each of them have free version for you to try. You can share to the Facebook, Twitter and other social platform within seconds. The most important part is that you do not need to worry about image quality.


  1. Excellent panorama maker provides photo stitching algorithm for JPEG files and RAW formats. – Photo Stitcher
  2. The best photo viewer to browse thousands of photos in a fast and smart way. – Photo Viewer
  3. Versatile photo montage maker to realize photo collage ideas and achieve funny photo effects. – Photo Montage
  4. Merge a bracketed set of image to gorgeous HDR image with custom effects. – Photo HDR
  5. Best image noise reduction software and photo beautifier. – Photo Denoise
  6. Rediscover the magic of stunning analog film effects and film grain. – Photo FilmSim

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