People search for photo apps for many reasons. As smartphone brands improve camera technology, more and more people shoot pictures with their handsets. And now an ordinary picture cannot meet their demands. When you capture a selfie, you may want to polish your face and make it perfect. To create special photo effects, you may need a powerful photo app as well. Considering such demands, developers have released thousands of photo apps for iPhone and Android. How to find the best photo application becomes the new challenge. Therefore, we are going to share top 10 photo apps for iPhone and Android based on lab testing.


Snapseed: best photo app for photographers

Snapseed is a powerful photo app available to both iPhones and Android phones. Its powerful features include:

  1. Sharpen photos by adjusting exposure, color, brightness and other photo parameters.
  2. Plentiful image filters and effects to alter the style and feeling of any image.
  3. Alter selected area of a picture by brush tool.


  1. This photo app has an intuitive interface.
  2. It is free of charge on both iOS and Android.
  3. Snapseed supports non-destructive photo edit.


  1. It is complicated for average people.


PicsArt Photo Studio: best all-in-one photo app

If you need a versatile photo app, PicsArt Photo Studio is a good choice. Moreover, this photo editor is compatible with both iOS and Android. Its principal features include:

  1. Basic photo editing tools, such as resize, crop, flip, rotate and more.
  2. Plentiful photo filters and effects are available within PicsArt.
  3. Photo collage feature could help users to create photo collages in any layout.


  1. This photo app has a rich array of editing tools.
  2. Users can import picture from wide range of sources.


  1. Users have to view ads to exchange free features or pay for the ad-free version.


VSCO: best camera app

Both iOS and Android have built-in camera app; while VSCO may be a better choice to explore the potential of your smartphone lens. Its basic features include:

  1. Turn your smartphone to professional camera and allow you to capture pictures with manual control.
  2. Offer extensive image adjustment tools and image filters.
  3. Share your pictures to photography community directly.


  1. This photo app is free of charge.
  2. The intuitive interface makes it easy to use.


  1. It does not provide many photo sharing options.


Cymera: the best selfie photo app

Selfie has become a dominant activity on smartphones. Cymera is designed to capture and beautify selfie in a simple way. Its features include:

  1. Multiple modes to capture pictures for different objects.
  2. Great lenses to beautify your selfies during shooting.
  3. Plentiful filters and effects to enhance and polish portrait through face recognition technology.


  1. This photo app is free of charge on both iOS and Android.
  2. It is a photo app for portraits with a wider range of dedicated features.


  1. The face recognition feature is not stable or accurate.


TouchRetouch: best photo retouch app

As its name said, TouchRetouch allows users to retouch their photo after shooting on iPhone or Android phone. With this photo app, you can:

  1. Remove anything unwanted from your picture.
  2. Erase blemish without destructing your photos.
  3. Mark a section of a line to remove the whole object.


  1. This photo app provides various tools to polish pictures.
  2. It is easy to use.


  1. It is a paid app in App Store; while TouchRetouch is free of charge on Google Play Store.


SKRWT: best photo app for photography enthusiasts

Built-in cameras on smartphones become increasingly advanced. If you want to use smartphone as a digital camera, you will need a powerful photo app, such as SKRWT. It brings professional camera technology to smartphones, including:

  1. Correct perspective distortion manually.
  2. Fix lens distortion on iPhones and Android phones.
  3. Allow users to adjust aspect ratio of photos.
  4. Provide basic editing tools, such as rotate and crop.


  1. It brings advanced photography technology to smartphones.
  2. The well-design features are simple to use.


  1. It is a paid photo app on both Android and iOS.


Superimpose: best merge-photo app

Blending two pictures together is interesting and able to create amazing effect. Superimpose is dedicated to simplifying the process of merging pictures on smartphones.

  1. You can combine two pictures together within Superimpose easily.
  2. This photo app allows users to add objects on photos.
  3. The gradient mask feature is able to blend two different edits of the same picture.


  1. This photo app makes picture blending and picture combining simple.
  2. It has various tools to make the output realistic.


  1. This app ruins photo quality after blending, merging or combining.


Instagram: best photo share app

Instagram is a well-known social network; while Instagram app is not only a photo sharing app, but also a photo editor.

  1. Users could edit their pictures for sharing and posting.
  2. This photo app supports to share photos to various social networks.
  3. You can tell stories using pictures with your followers.


  1. This best photo app provides in-depth photo editing tools.
  2. It allows users to set EXIF information of pictures.


  1. It still only shoots square.


Google Photos: best photo backup app

Smartphones have limited memory space. So, cloud service becomes an alternative solution to backup and store our photos taken on smartphone. Google Photos is one of the best photo backup apps on market.

  1. Users could store unlimited photos in Google Photos.
  2. This photo app will organize your photos according to date, location and other metadata automatically.
  3. The photo editing tools are powered by Google’s machine learning technology.


  1. Google Photos is not only a photo backup service, but also a photo editor.
  2. It supports face detection.


  1. Its machine learning technology is not stable.


Adobe Photoshop Express: most advanced photo app

Adobe is a famous visual brand and Photoshop is popular around the world. Adobe Photoshop Express brings some Photoshop features to mobile ecosystem.

  1. Users could import pictures from various sources.
  2. This photo app integrates advanced photo editing tools, such as fix red eye, blemish removal and more.
  3. There are dozens of free filters.


  1. The image-correction tools are awesome.
  2. It provides user-defined filters.


  1. Some features need a Creative Cloud subscription.



In this article, we shared top 10 photo apps available to both iOS and Android. You can utilize these photo apps to shoot, edit, share, and backup your pictures on your handset. VSCO and SKRWT could turn your smartphone to professional cameras. Cymera is the best partner of selfie enthusiasts. Snapseed, PicsArt Photo Studio and Adobe Photoshop Express are versatile photo editors. And you can learn some special photo apps in this article, such as TouchRetouch and Superimpose. If you need a photo app for sharing, Instagram is a good choice. And Google Photos could backup all the pictures on your smartphone.