It is common see that people download stunning landscape as their computer desktop, or choose funny image to be their profile icon. But, things always happen that if you directly download pictures from webpage, the pixels of those pictures are low. You will find that when you enlarged the image, it has jagged edges and varying degrees fuzzy of regional. That is fully depressing, if you encounter such issue. In order to save high quality photos, you need functional photo downloader. Keep reading, and select one photo downloader you prefer.


  1. Photo Downloader for Desktop Application
  2. Online Photo Downloader Extension
  3. Popular Photo Downloader for Social Medias
  4. Get Photos from Camera



Photo Downloader for Desktop Application

When you view and explore web pages, you may always attracted by awesome photos. If you wish to download pictures or any files from any websites, you should know the best photo downloader desktop.

Rapid Photo Downloader

Rapid Photo Downloader enables you to download photos efficiently and reliably. This free picture downloader software can download from as many devices as you can simultaneously plug in, including smart phones, cameras supported by gphoto2. Also, it downloads directly from your computer. It can download photos and videos you want from multiple devices simultaneously.

The most impressive feature of Rapid Photo Downloader should be its Timeline. You can view groups of photos and videos in that Timeline, which were based on elapsed time between consecutive shots. Hence, you are able to identify photos and videos taken at different periods in a single day or over consecutive days.

Rapid Photo Downloader is a free photo downloader program. You can directly get this photo downloader from

photo downloader-rapid photo downloader


NeoDownloader is a fantastic photo downloader program for Linux. It can not only help you to download pictures from website, but also thousands of your favorite pictures, videos, and other files automatically. Moreover, it comes with a huge online database of ready-to-download projects, including a variety of wallpapers, high quality pictures of scenery, artwork by famous artists and photographers, funny photos and other popular image materials. After you download the pictures you want, you also can directly edit and optimize them with NeoDownloader.

If you want to try this fast and convenient photo downloader, you can go to to download it for free 30 days trial. Otherwise, you can pay $34.95 to have this photo downloader.

photo downloader-neodownloader

Online Photo Downloader Extension

Want to bulk download images from browser easier and faster? You can use these awesome photo downloader extensions as below.

Image Downloader

If you want to bulk download pictures from Chrome, you should better add Image Downloader to Chrome. Once you have had this photo downloader, you can save all selected pictures to default directory of Chrome, or to a folder you specify.

It is easy to use. When you want to download images from web page, all you need is clicking on selected images. After you got the image, you can modify image display the width, customize columns, border size, and color. Also, you can hide filters, buttons and notification you don’t want.

You can search for Image Downloader from Chrome Web Store, and add it to your Chrome. After you downloaded funny photos from web page, you can print those photos by using the popular photo printer. And pick up your favorite photos to make a perfect Wall photo collage, which would be extremely interesting.

photo downloader-image photo downloader

Photo Downloader Professional

Photo Downloader Professional can be a great helper to find and collect various pictures in the web page. This photo downloader designed with user-friendly interface. You can tons of pictures you need by typing the specific topic. It remembers all pictures you browse earlier in your picture list. Therefore, you can quick watch and download them later. Besides, it contains with Facebook Image Zoom and Downloader, which allows you to watch photo on your Facebook site as big as possible just through move the mouse pointer over a small icon on the photo.

Likewise, you can add this photo downloader directly from Chrome Web Store.

photo downloader-photo downloader professional

Image Picker

Image Picker is a useful extension for Firefox users to choose and save images from web page to local disk. This photo download allows you save images as batch. You can simply download images by double click and drag image when you browsing. During downloading, a download progress meter will display the images being downloaded. Thus, you can check whether the images you want are saved. Further, it can easily filter images by width, height, size and type.

You can get the free charge Image Picker from image picker for filefox.

photo downloader-image picker firefox

Social Medias provides you a wonderful platform to express yourself through sharing interesting photos and follow your friends. You may want to download some amazing photos from your friends’ profile. And now you can effortlessly save photos from different Social Medias through these popular image downloaders.


Fotobounce is a free Facebook photo downloader for desktop users. It is available for Win and Mac. This software is working on downloading photos from Facebook and Flickr. You can easily download all the photos uploaded and shared by you or your friends both on Facebook and Flickr through Fotobounce. And, it will immediately display a list with all your friends, each one of them with their correspondent photos, after the usual request to access your Facebook and Flickr’s account. Meanwhile, with this powerful photo downloader, you can also manage and organize the photos stored in your hard drive.

Fotobounce is a free photo downloader for desktop application. Go to download and install this photo downloader from Expect download attractive photos from Facebook, you can also post photos on Facebook.

photo downloader-fotobounce

InstagramDL Plugin – Instagram Downloader

You can download any Instagram content, as long as you add this amazing extension to Chrome. Instagram DL Plugin enables you to download photos and videos effortlessly from Furthermore, this also includes content from the feed along with individual photos pages. So, you are allowed to download pictures from grid view of someone’s profile. In other word, you can download all your favorite pictures and videos from Instagram web page.

Instagram DL Plugin is a free Instagram photo downloader addon for Chrome to download pictures and videos. You can download it from Chrome Web Store directly. Actually, you can download Instagram photos easier. Just learn more detail about how to download Instagram photos online from any user.

photo downloader-instagram downloader

DownFlickr – Flickr Downloader

DownFlickr is a fantastic time saving photo downloader extension. This extension will help you when you want to download photos from Flickr. DownFlickr enables you to download photos in Original Size mode, so you have no need to View all Sizes. You can not only download individual photos but also entire albums with DownFlickr. DownFlickr is an interesting choice for Flickr fans and pictures lovers. You can get this photo downloader extension from Chrome Web Store.

photo downloader-flickr downloader

Get Photos from Camera

There are many ways that you can transfer photos from camera to your computer. Today you will know how to effectively get photos from camera through professional photo downloader.

Adobe Bridge CC

Adobe Bridge CC is a professional photo downloader. It can easily download photos from your camera or memory card to your computer. In addition, if you had installed Photoshop CS6 earlier, you don’t need to download Adobe Bridge CS6 separately. You are allowed to download all photos from camera to computer by clicking Check All or you can check photos you want one by one. Once all your photos have been downloaded, Adobe Bridge CC will jump to the folder containing the photos so you can begin sorting through them.

If you want to try this specialized photo downloader, you can go to Adobe Bridge CC, and then download trial version.

photo downloader-adobe bridge cc

ImageBrowser EX

ImageBrowser EX is a new management software program for Canon’s digital cameras and digital camcorders. It can print photos, play slideshows, and modify various attributes of an image. Also with ImageBrowser EX, you can quickly and easily download images from your Canon digital camera to PC as well as Mac efficiently. When you want to transfer pictures from Canon camera to computer, you just need connect with these two devices through a USB cable.

If you have Canon digital camera, you cannot miss this powerful picture downloader. You can download ImageBrowser EX for Windows or ImageBrowser EX for Mac. Find out much more fascinating features of this photo downloader.

photo downloader-imagebrowser ex