When you take photos with Android phone, you might need at least one photo-editing app for Android. It is difficult to choose a desired photo editor for Android from tens of thousand of Android programs. You can read the article and find the best Android photo editors of 2017. Of course, you can also share more detail about your desired program in the comments.



VSCO Cam is one of the most popular photo editor apps for Android. Photos of VSCO have a concise sign, like its inherent, being well received among people. The photo editor for Android not only has solid editing features, but also combined with camera application. Even The unprofessional person can use the easy one-click fix for photos in the form of basic filters. What’s more, some professional one can fix the photo by adjusting some items such as contrast, exposure, sharpen and so on. You can share the photo with other person using the Photo Editor APK and explore content from the people you follow, curated work from community, and exclusive editorial content from VSCO originals.

vsco cam



Do you want your photo become the artwork? Prisma should be the photo editor for Android that satisfies your requirements. Open a photo from your album in the Android photo editor, and you will find many styles of famous artists: Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, as well as world famous ornaments and patterns. You can choose and click what you like, and then your memorable moments become timeless art pieces. This photo editor APK offers 30-odd filters and has artificial intelligence that processes every individual image differently. However, the lack of speed in implementation will sometime cause inconvenience to people. But compared to his slow running, this photo editor can bring a lot of fun.



Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a great and versatile photo editor app for Android. Like the ubiquitous desktop version, photo editor on Android also has the strong power in photo editing. You can remove red eye, mask blemishes, and remove noise. And if you have a RAW photo or two saved to your device, this app can load them up. The main App is free, but if you want more filters, you need to pay $3.00. Moreover, the absolute basics like rotation, cropping, red-eye removal and flipping are very easy to perform within the app. Well, if you a bit more advanced in your editing, you can also get some effects like dawn, mosaic, vivid and fish eye. Briefly, it’s a powerful Android photo editor capable of handling large file sizes.

adobe photoshop express



AirBrush should be any selfie fan’s best friend. It is lucky for those guys loving selfies to see this Android photo editor. This app is perfect for optimizing selfies for Facebook, Twitter or your favorite dating apps. It has several main functions. If you have some acne or freckle on your face, don’t worry about it, this photo editor for Android can rid your photo of it and make your skin smooth. The concealer clears up bags under your eyes, in case you didn’t sleep well the night before. All of the features are easy to use. If you are a first timer at selfie editing, the photo editor app for Android gives you a series of easy-to-follow tutorials to get you started. There have 10 videos giving you a thorough but quick introduction to each of the app’s features.

airbrush selfie



PhotoDirector is a super easy photo editor for Android. It is not focus on the effects and filters, but mainly on manual enhancements. The Android photo editor offers some tone, brightness, darkness, exposure, and contrast for people who want to properly edit their photos. What is more important, you can also have access to HSL sliders, RGB color channels, white balance and so on. Therefore, you can create your own effects and filters. Nevertheless, as a kind of multi-purpose photo editor for Android, you can quickly and easily add overlays to your images, and get creative with effects and different photos styles. If you can make good use of its unique characteristic, and I believe you can achieve outstanding, DSLR like results in a few seconds.





Snapseed is a complete and professional photo editor for Android developed by Google. It provides some basic edit like brightness, contrast, saturation and color balance. If you are lucky enough, the automatic correction will get it all for you in one fell swoop. In order to reach some physical touch, you can use some touch-gestures to achieve your achievement. Furthermore, Snapseed is known primarily for its filters: with Retrolux, Vintage, Tilt Shift, Grunge, Drama and other 26 cool effects and filterrs. The insight features with tips and tricks about the Android photo editor and general photography should also be mentioned. Free of charge with no ads is another important thing for the photo editor APK.




Pixlr is more than a photo editor for Android, you can also access to the online photo editor with powerful functions. The Android app is mostly a port of Pixlr Express. In this case, you can use the Android photo editor to make basic edits and touch ups. Additionally, you can download the sticks you like to decorate your photos and also you can make some collages. It has one of the best one-touch enhance tools and it also includes a ton of other features and tools that you can use. There are also filters and cosmetic editing tools. Moreover, this photo editor for Android is ad-supported. You may feel annoyed that there always have ads. But anyone who can’t stand these can hand over two dollars to remove them. Overall, this photo editor is one of the best apps for photo.




It is an Android photo editor has been around for a very long time but still up to dated. Being one of the most popular free photo editors for Android, PicsArt offers an image editor with effects, a camera app, drawing tool, and a social platform. In addition, this photo editor APK has an excellent design program for editing photos with filters and decorations. Also, you will find some usual stuff including the light editing tools as well as filters, text, stickers, and collages. Specially, it has a community of creative people to share stuff with. PicsArt is another all-in-one photo editor, which provides pic collage, camera, meme maker, clipart and drawing tool. And you can share your masterwork to some popular social platform in addition to text messaging and e-mail.




Aviary is a photo editor for Android in a fun and simple way. The program has some basic feature like rotating, cropping, correcting, and auto-enhancing. It also has focus functions, text input, cosmetic corrections, such as red eye remove, make-up functions as well as a meme generator. In addition, one-touch enhance mode of the Android photo editor is also popular among people. Aviary offers a series of manual adjustments to let you easily adjust the color, brightness, temperature, contrast, saturation, and more. The photo editor APK also comes with stickers, filters, and cosmetic tools such as red eye fixing, blemish remover, and teeth whitener. Moreover, it also enables you to have some in-app purchases for added effects, frames, and stickers, but is otherwise free with no ads.



Photo Editor by Lidow

Photo Editor by Lidow is an Android photo editor that offers insta square, photo mirror, color splash, collage maker and selfie camera and so on. You do even to create accounts for the easy-to-use photo editor of Android. You can experience for free but you do have to deal with banner ads. This photo editor APK places a number of cool effects front and center. It saves the saves you the hassle of trying to figure out millions of options, filters and settings. The program creates the effect that the main stuff has color while the rest is black or white. It’s definitely less complex than many of the other photo editing apps of Android on this list, but that’s part of its charm.

photo editor by lidow