Today, we are more likely to take photos by smartphone. It is partly because we can share these photos on social media or with families on smartphone conveniently. However, the larger size makes these photos unable to post directly. You have to resize photo for Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks have the size limit. Therefore, I will recommend some useful photo resizer Apps to help you modify the photos on your smartphone.


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It is a helpful photo resizer for Android users. It offers a list with several size options and allows you to decide the size of your photos. If you do not find your favorite size, you can also type in manually. The only drawback should be the compatibility with GIF files. Here are the excellent features you can get from the photo resizer APK.

  1. Resizing the photo or photos in batch.
  2. Changing the photo’s format.
  3. It can resize the photos after shooting automatically by setting.
  4. Multiple photo editing functions, like rotation, invert.
  5. Empower users to customize the photo’s name.
  6. Finally, offers a Share button to post these resized photos on social media.

Photo & Picture Resizer

It is one of the most famous photo resizers among Android users, partly because it will not damage the quality of photos. That means the photos also enjoy original quality after resizing. It is a competitive feature among photo resizer APKs. And it is totally free. Here are the basic features you can enjoy with the program.

  1. It can reduce the photos’ size quickly without losing quality.
  2. It is able to resize photos in batch, as well.
  3. Photos could be compressed without losing quality.
  4. Sending the photos resized from this photo resizer to social media or email directly.
  5. The photos will be saved in a separate folder titled ’Pictures/PhotoResizer’ automatically after resizing.
photo picture resizer

Reduce Photo Size

If you are looking for a simple photo resizer APK on Android phone, Reduce Photo Size is another choice. And this photo app integrates multiple languages in it, like Chinese and French. You can access the principal features as below.

  1. It provides several size solutions for users. And you could type in size manually.
  2. The original photos will remain untouchable when you resize them.
  3. It also allows you to edit photos, like rotation.
  4. When you write email, it can resize the attaching photos.
  5. Another useful function is preview, so you can decide to save or chancel the resizing photos.
reduce photo size

Resize Me!

It is a personalized photo resize APK for Android users. The Photo Reszier APK not only allows you to resize photos, but also offers some useful tools. You can do that with just one click, or use the interface to rotate, crop and resize. Resize your photos easily with ‘Resize Me!’ before sending them by Email or sharing them on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

  1. Resizing your photos in a single click.
  2. Users could rotate photos via Resize Me!
  3. Setting the resizing photos as wallpaper.
  4. It also allows you to add watermarks on your photos before posting on social media.
  5. It will keep the photos’ EXIF tags and GPS data.
resize me

Image Shrink Lite

This is a batch photo resizer. However, only the full version could resize photos in batch. Image Shrink can keep all EXIF tags of the photos after shrinking. You can optionally remove location and date information, or remove all EXIF tags from the photos.

  1. It allows you to adjust the length and width personally.
  2. Identify and rotate the photos automatically if you take the photos reversely.
  3. You can also select to remove the EXIF tags, GPS data and other details of the photos via Image Shrink Lite.
  4. Keep all EXIF tags of the photos after shrinking.
  5. Read the information of the image and rotates it automatically.

Image Resize

Image Resize is a helpful iOS photo resize utility. You can use it resize photos quickly and easily. You can specify the output format using one of the following four units of measurement: pixels, millimeters, centimeters and inches. Just check the significant features of the photo resizer APP.

  1. Resizing photos from photo library. There is the camera interface in Image Resize. So you can also resize the photos after capturing.
  2. It allows user to resize photos bin megapixels or percentages.
  3. You can set the default size and use it as a standard to adjust photos.
  4. If you do not like the changes, you can use Undo button to roll back.
  5. Image Size gives you the option of saving, emailing, printing or sharing the final image.
image size


It is a smart photos resizer app. And it allows you to optimize your photos before posting on social media. Once you have set the size limit and the photos’ dimensions, Reduce will produce the best quality for your photos. Just learn more detail about the key features as below.

  1. Resizing multiple photos in batch.
  2. Setting a customized dimension.
  3. Users could select to sharpen photos to avoid softness.
  4. It allows users to remove EXIF tags.
  5. If you like, you can add watermarks or borders on you photos.



ZAGG is a famous mobile accessories brand. And ZAGG has announced PhotoPad in 2010. The photo resizer app is a free premium photo editing app and available on iPads and iPhones. PhotoPad is popular for invisibleSHIELD and ZAGGskins. You can now order your ZAGGskins directly from PhotoPad. ZAGG has developed multiple useful features for PhotoPad.

  1. ZAGGskins are made with invisibleSHIELD film and high-quality printing.
  2. PhotoPad is able to Image Rotation, Image Resizing,Drawing/sketching, Paint Bucket, Color Selecting, Color Swap, Cropping, Threshold levels and posterize.
  3. The most interesting feature is to create a ZAGGskin by the photos in PhotoPad directly.
  4. You can also draw an image or make sketch on photos.
  5. It also provides you many more options like Adjusting color, Tint, Chromaticity, Red Eye, Saturation etc.


A lot of iPhone users are also Instagram users. When we share photos from iPhones to Instagram, there is a size limit. So if you want to post an entire photo to Instagram, you need a useful tool. And InstaFit is one of the best photo resizer APPs for Instagram. The most important feature of InstaFit is to allow you to post entire photos to Instagram without cropping.

  1. Adding personal watermark and text on photos.
  2. Blurring Background and adding borders.
  3. Adjusting background color.
  4. Post your entire picture to Instagram without having to crop it.
  5. Aviary photo editor built right into InstaFit: Filters, effects, frames, image rotation, enhance, stickers, add text, draw, and much more!


BatchResizer is a simple photo resizer app which enables you to resize or crop to square or rotate a number of photos at a time. The resized photos can be saved in camera roll or sent by e-mail or into Dropbox. Resize settings are customizable and you can quickly pick the setting and go easily.

  1. Shrink several photos at once.
  2. Resizing and cropping square in one operation.
  3. Adding white border and dropping shadow.
  4. You can make presets of resize settings.
  5. Send the resized photos by email or save to Dropbox without saving them to Camera Roll.
batch resizer


Best Photo Resizer Alternatives for Mac

Although it is convenient to resize photos on smartphone, but in order to handle a large amount of photos or add watermark to the photos, you need to choose iFotosoft Photo Converter. It is the best photo resizer alternative for mac. Just learn more detail about the features of the program.

  1. Bulk resizing large number of photos within seconds.
  2. Five photo resize modes to custom photos to your requirements, by width, height, precentage, resolution and free.
  3. Automatic batch rotate all images to the right direction.
  4. Compress every image into a certain resolution or DPI, including enlarge smaller images.
  5. Resize images with four modes in one click, By Width, By Height, Percentage and Free modes.

What is more, the program is able to handle the RAW formats you taken with your computer. you can also use the Photo Resize If there is any query related to the best photo resizers, you can feel free to let me know in the comments.

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