There are many photo editing software already, with which you can add any photo effects by pre-designed filters. In most cases, those photo effects are not totally unchanged, you can adjust in the certain ranges. For people who like to customize images manually, using photo stickers to add the specific image effects as you like. And today, I will show you specific photo sticker apps both for iPhone and Android users, you can read to choose the best one, to add photo stickers, and edit pictures freely by the way.


Top 1: My Photo Sticker

My Photo Sticker has gained thousands of customers because of its numerous and unique photo stickers effects. You can get so many stickers to use on Android in free way. It is a platform with over 500 stickers gathered together. To enables users edit and share to Facebook, Twitter, and many other social platforms. The full screen editing and preview features enable every one can enjoy the fun of image editing about adding photo stickers on Android. Moreover, the photo sticker app offers many cute and lovely characters for you to choose from. Really easy to operate and no extra photo editing professional skills necessary. All you need is to download and install on your Android phone, to text how good those image stickers are.


Top 2: PicLab

PicLab is the premier all-in-one image editor, with over 50 million installation already. Once you onstall PicLab on iPhone, there are so many filters you can use. For instance, typography is the tool for people to choose fonts from numerous of selections. And stickers part is maybe the most meaningful part for you, to choose from delightful photo stickers collections. Well, the artistic stickers are updated monthly. So you can use latest image stickers once you install the PicLab photo sticker app on iPhone. As for other image editing features, well-designed templates, photo effects, drawing tools, collage tools and so many other filers are also worth for a try.


Top 3: Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is the professional representative photo sticker app, with which you can manage photo editing on smart phones, to pretend the high quality equipment. There are many controlling filters for you, to crop, flip, straighten, rotate, color, hue and do more picture balance processes. Adobe Photoshop Express offers more I age editing filters and effects than I have mentioned actually. Compares with other photo stickers apps, you can enjoy Photoshop Mix feature, which most photo editors cannot offer similarly. And raw images are also supported, for you to edit and export raw photos without changing image formats.


Top 4: AutoDesk Pixlr

AutoDesk Pixlr is the free photo stickers application, which not only work on iPhone and Android, but also Windows and Mac computer. Because of its well-designed interface, high quality templates, the powerful filters and good photo stickers. You can create photo collages with various layouts and numerous background settings, to balance most image settings for you if necessary. Then you can enhance photo qualities, by remove certain parts, which seems not to be so good as the other parts. Or you can highlight with filters of any aspects you like. Furthermore, you are able to stylize pencil drawings and ink sketches, with so many image editors here.


Top 5: Camera+

Camera+ has the stabilizer-shooting mode, for people who like sharp photos, and help you zoom up to 6x. Moreover, the clarity photo editing feature is also the intelligent setting, which enable users to take photos even though in dark situations. Moreover, there are so many scene modes, for people to suit different situation requirements, like food, sunset, night, portrait and etc. You can pick out according to the theme of your photographs. As for photo stickers on iPhone, Camera+ is the tool to help you shoot images as a pro, with over 30 powerful one-touch customizable filters.



The five photo stickers I mentioned above are all representatives, among large amount of photo editors on iPhone and Android. Whether to choose which photo sticker application depends on your true point of image editing. If you pay attention to filters to customize stickered images as well, then you need to combine professional and easy to use filters with image stickers together. Of course, in most cases, the comprehensive image editor software may not have the really good picture stickers. Or you can choose the picture editor, which has the large amounts of image stickers, but may not have equipped as good as filters as other picture editing programs.

Therefore, every photo editor has its advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing you need to do is the find out which one you focus on better. Some people may also have their personal preferences of interfaces of photo editors. In conclusion, you can combine all of those factors together, and to make the decision which photo sticker app finally to choose. If you still have something hard to understand, then feel free to contact us, we are glad to share thoughts here.