As for amateurs, using professional film or getting some film grain may not seems so easy to handle. The photography equipment cost is very high, and sometimes you still cannot get the proper film effects. Moreover, most people just want to get some photos with cool photography styles. Thus, you need to get a photography style analog editor, which can rediscover almost all frequent use situations. Photo FilmSim from iFotosoft is a nice selection to analog film effects without any other services, which can also preserve image qualities. You just need to import images within one second, and then you can enjoy the fun of analog photography collage styles.


  1. History of Photography Styles
  2. Photography Styles guide
  3. Photo FilmSim – Analog Any Photography Styles with High Quality
  4. Styles and Techniques in Photography



Photography Styles History

Photography is the method to record images and objects with the action of light, or the other electromagnetic radiation, on a light-sensitive material. History of photography styles  varies in many fields including science, manufacturing, business or daily life. It can be divided into film photography, black and white film photography, color photography styles, digital photography and synthesis photography. Moreover, Photographers prefer to use film grain to rediscover the traditional photography styles. Granularity is the small particles of metallic silver, or dry clouds, which photographers apply as random optical texture. Film grain can be used mostly in over-enlarged photographic films.



Photography Styles Guide

If you are not so familiar with photography styles terms, you can also regard them as tools used in different situations. For example, photography styles wedding requires warm atmosphere to record wonderful time. You can divide photography styles wedding into five mainly parts, traditional style, documentary style, editorial style, modern style or mixed styles. Though you give the same pose, different photography can also represent totally changed emotions. In addition, you had better take shots on daylight to use the natural light to create romantic feelings. Things are also the same when you want to take baby photography styles or choose some genres with the similar objects.


Photo FilmSim – Analog Stunning Photography Styles Freely

Photo FilmSim is the stunning choice to analog film effects and film grain on Mac. You do not need to buy more camera or films to get the special photography styles and genres, just select from Photo FilmSim to achieve. Photo FilmSim has three main parts to analog film styles, which are film profile, film color mode and film grain. You can see all of your work on the right corner of Photo FilmSim by the data list.

Top 5 Analog Film App to Rediscover Stunning Photographs
  1. Film Profile

You can get four film styles to analog photography portraits, they are color positive film, color negative film, black and white film and cross processed film. Each of the film style has dozens of revolutionary camera profiles for you to choose.


  1. Film Color Mode

There are different four contrast and saturation photography color mode, by high, medium high, medium low and low. You can get Black and white, ferric sulfate, gold, selenium, sepia terra, sepia gold and sepia to pair.


  1. Film Grain

Photo FilmSim has various typical film grains, with the adjustable intensity and size. You can analog the film grain freely with authenticity and natural look. Thus, it is very easy for Photo FilmSim to analog any photography styles and poses.


Photo FilmSim Features

  1. Get gorgeous analog film presets and camera profiles.
  2. Use calibration film grain to analog the natural look of films.
  3. Support to upload JPEG, TIFF and most RAW formats.
  4. Save to JPEG and TIFF files with different image qualities.
  5. Preserve high quality of digital photographs with easy operations.
  6. Send and share photography style files to Facebook, Flick and Twitter to friends.

film sim initial

How to use Photo FilmSim to Analog Styles for Photography

  1. Download and install Photo FilmSim from iFotosoft. You can use the free version for a try, which will have watermark on your photos. Or to buy and enjoy the high quality photography styles all the time.
  2. Click “Import” to upload images. It is acceptable to upload and edit images in bulk. If you import wrong photos, tap ”Remove” icon on the lower left corner to delete.
  3. Analog any photography styles and poses with your mouse. Photo FilmSim has film profile, film color mode and film grain to rediscover stunning film effects.
  4. Click “Share” to upload images to social media like Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. You can also send to family or friends via AirDrop, Photosor sending emails.
  5. Tap “Save” to end the photography styles editing. You can save images as TIFF or JPEG. In addition, Photo FilmSim allows you to adjust image qualities by the progress bar.
How to Use Photography Styles with Photo FilmSim


Photography Styles and Techniques

Styles of photography are also the represent of fashion in periods. It will change according to the social culture. However, not everyone has the same preference towards photos. Thus, you can get more knowledge about photography techniques to apply. High-speed photography is a fun photography technique, which can catch interesting moments with high color saturation. You can use high-speed photography to record the flash or movements. If you want to take shots for some really small objects, using Macro photography can enlarge images and get nearly all details. As for photographers who want to take pictures of landscapes, long exposure photography is the first choice to achieve the photography styles images.