Nowadays, more and more picture editing software coming out, with the different filters equipped. You may feel confused or even neglect to get a proper picture processor. However, choosing a nice processor to edit pictures is very important, you should be careful about it. For instance, no matter how cute the shoes are, once you cannot work comfortable, this pair of shoes is useless. Things are similar of choosing a good picture edit and makeup editor. To be more specific, you can view by the operating systems you use. Each of them has at least two picture edit choices, which you can pick from.


  1. Mac Users’ Preference
  2. Windows Customers’ Choices
  3. Photo Edit APP for iPhone
  4. Image Process APK for Android



Picture Editors for Mac

The timeless picture editing software between Mac and Windows is Adobe products, and the most popular one is Adobe Photoshop. It is too well known to divide on one tenth of the best picture editors. Though Adobe Photoshop does a really good job on Mac and PC, as an image editor.


1. Affinity Photo
Picture Editors for Mac

Affinity Photo is the picture editor for Mac, which you can edit, retouch and enhance images in details. With the gorgeous filters you can get from Affinity Photo Mac picture edit app, you can create and customize photos in incredibly good experience. All standard image formats can work well on the image edit app on Mac, like PNG, TIFF, JPG, GIF, SVG, EPS, EXR, HDR and PDF, as well as RAW files. With the live filters and correct tools you can get, nearly all photography styles and effects you can achieve. You are able to use new HDR merge, live projection and other filters. Being the “Apple Mac APP of The Year 2015”, Affinity can rediscover picture effects with unsurpassed productivity and professional image processing tools.


Price: $49.99

Compatibility: OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor


2. MacPhun Luminar 1.0
Picture Editors for Mac

Luminar is the picture processor works as Mac app, you can use 1-click presets and numerous filters to apply. The new version of the picture editor in Mac supports users to get Photoshop smart objects ad actions. Batch processing and color temperature tool are updated, as well as RAW processing. With the user-friendly interface, you can touch up portraits with face retouching filters. As for normal photo editing processes, there are over 70 professional presets, and you can resize image or make common other image effects. The filters will be more clearly, because you can see every filter’s name. The easy to understand icon and tools are the one characteristic of the good picture editor for Mac.


Price: $59.99

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


3. Adobe Photoshop Elements 15
Picture Editors for Mac

Photoshop Elements 15 is the primary version of Adobe Photoshop for amateurs. You can edit, organize, create and share photography in easier way. If you have a detail understanding of Adobe Photoshop picture editing Mac app, you will also be familiar Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 quickly. The new version of the picture editor enables you to turn pictures into visual text. Moreover, you can add shadows and other photo effects on it, most people use it to create collages or cards. In addition, you can add multiple image effects to one single picture, and batch process images at once. The picture editor Mac version can achieve basic image products and personalize effects.


Price: $99.99

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


Picture Editors for PC

As for picture editors for PC, there are also some good photo editing processors you can get. Though there is many picture editors online for free, you should also turn to professional editors to personalize photos. As you just know, free picture editors online are fun to use, but you have less control to edit photography. And you can just edit pictures on the basis of adding filters and captions. To edit pictures more fluently, one professional picture editor for Windows is also necessary.


4. DxO Optics Pro 11
Picture Editors for PC

DxO Optics Pro is the product for Windows users to edit pictures like a Pro. You can get clean interface and fashion filters to rediscover the pleasure of editing photos. Even if you take pictures by digital cameras with some mistakes, DxO Optics Pro 11 can also fix them. In other words, the Windows picture edit software can help you get gorgeous edited pictures. There is unique DxO Prime, DxO Smart Lighting and DxO ClearView, which support you to beautifier and smooth images, even at extreme ISO values.


You can use DxO Optics Pro 11 to sharpen or soft pictures on Windows by new Lens softness. The DxO presets are well designed and delicate to view. Just one click and then you can apply from the picture editor app for PC. Moreover, the full screen mode can bring you immersive processing experience. To get more new filters, you can try the free image editor for PC.


Price: $129/199

Compatibility: Windows 7/ 8/ 10



Picture Editors for PC

GIMP is the free Windows picture edit maker, for Photographers to edit and get high quality photography. There are programming algorithms and graphics design elements for photographers to use. Just as the advertisement words showed, the only limit is your imagination. GIMP PC photo editor may seem difficult and unfamiliar, compare with other picture editors for PC. However, you can get original artwork creation flexibility to transform images freely. To be honest, GIMP picture editing process for PC is more suitable to design icons, components and mockups. Designers will get enough extensity and flexibility after being familiar with GIMP.


Price: free

Compatibility: Windows 7/ 8/ 10, Linus, GNU, OS X


Picture Editors for iPhone

After knowing picture editors for Mac and Windows computers, it is time to attach picture edit apps on smart phones. The main purpose of photo editing software on Android and iPhone is easy to use. In most cases, people tend to use picture edit apk and app to touch up self-portraits and scenes taken by built-in cameras. Thus, different from DSLR pictures, photos from camera roll are more casual, and the operating requirement is that, users can fix picture processing by one finger.


6. Snapseed
Picture Editors for iPhone

Snapseed is the easy to use iOS picture edit app with good filters. You can get many photo editing filters to use, including basic and creative. The whole picture editor app for iPhone offers 26 tools and filters, including brush, HDR, crop, transform and so on. As for resizing images or other basic photo editing processes, Snapseed can solve them within the picture processor. You are able to get lens blur, 18 grainy films, 12 vintage styles, 30 curves styles, 23 frames and etc. moreover, Snapseed provides 11 black and white film photography styles for you to choose on iPhone. Thus, Snapseed is a comprehensive picture-editing app, which has selective adjustments. As a result, if you have not use many photo editor apps before, Snapseed is a wise choice.


Price: free

Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.


Picture Editors for iPhone

VSCO is another popular iPhone picture edit app. You can name it as VSCO Cam app as well. With so many presets and filters, you are able to use revolutionary film X tools and presets to personalize easier. Moreover, the picture editor free app on iPhone has a community for photographers to communicate and share. VSCO has 19 editing tools to crop, contrast and other picture editing processes. Moreover, VSCO offers RAW editing, which includes high-resolution images. VSCO iOS photo edit app can be free for users, however, you cannot use whole VSCO filters. Or you can purchase $19.99 per year. Actually, VSCO developers insist on updating every month. Therefore, the VSCO user group has been larger and larger, with the latest VSCO effects you can create.


Price: free/ $19.99

Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.


8. Enlight

Picture Editors for iPhoneEnlight is the all-in-one photo editor app, which is being selected as “2015 APP of The Year”. There are easy to use filters and clean interface to use. You can get comprehensive image editing tools to customize pictures without hurting image quality. The picture edit app on iPhone can reproduce classic cameras and vintage films, to analog film effect successfully. You can sue Enlight picture edit software for iPhone to use Photo Mixer features, which can overlay two photos to get double exposure image effects. The smart picture-fixing app has power tools and innovation workflow. You can create amazing photography and then share to friends and social medias, like Facebook, Twitter and so on.


Price: $3.99

Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.1 or later.


Picture Editors for Android

Though the online image editor is also convenient to use, but not for Android users. Getting good picture editors for Android will be easier to process pictures, which comes from Android built-in cameras. As we all know, taking pictures by Android or iPhone is mainly about self-portraits. Thus, the emphasis of a good picture editor apk means it should offer comprehensive touch up services.


9. AirBrush
Picture Editors for Android

AirBrush is the professional picture editor Android apk to beautifier self-portraits. You can use AirBrush to whiten teeth, smooth blemish and pimple, brighten eyes and other retouch filters. You can regard AirBrush as cosmetics. But the Android self-portrait beautifier can enhance in deeper ways. For instance, you cannot slim your body or face with the help of clothing only. Nonetheless, the picture editor and makeup apk can personalize portraits more perfectly. You can add depth and style to your photos with blur editing tools. In addition, AirBrush provides natural and radiant filters to beautify in details. You are able to get new real-time editing technology to edit self-portraits before shooting. It is attracting to makeup in front of cameras on the picture editor app on Android mobile phones.


Price: $0.99 per item

Compatibility: Requires Android 4.1 or later.


10. PhotoDirector
Picture Editors for Android

PhotoDirector is the picture editor apk, which you can analog film effects as Canon or Nikon. Using one click filters to adjust white balance, saturation, HDR effects and so on. Landscape images are very easy to process with the Android photo editor. You can choose many good presets, such as Lomo, Artistic, Vignette and others to change photography styles instantly. Moreover, there is blender tool to add extra picture effects in easy way. You can also add mood and styles with one-click overlays. There is one thing you should know that PhotoDirector support JPEG and PNG only. Thus you need to convert image formats if you own TIFF pictures and other file formats.


Price: $1.99 – $4.99 per item

Compatibility: Requires Android 4.1 or later.




These are the best picture editors among each device, including Mac, PC, iPhone and Android. Though it is hard to distinguish which one is the genuine winner of picture editors’ apps, you can still get some useful information. The whole article has not introduced picture online editors. In my opinion, online photo editors can only edit images occasionally. If you are going to set a long-term picture process editor, you had better relay on more professional image software. If you have any other good picture editors to recommend, you can send emails to sue or leave your comments. We are waiting for your reply.