Instagram used to accept square photos only. Even though you upload non-square photo to Instagram photo sharing platform, you are required to square photo to suit Instagram. The latest news is that you can upload more than square images, square pictures still play an important role, in specific situations. Squaring photo is not a difficult task actually. Thus, it is enough to use online square photo maker. Therefore, you can get some good photo squarer software for Instagram online and other necessaries.


Top 1: Photo Resizer

Easy to use interface with numerous filters, you can square photo in many operations. By resizing, shrinking, cropping and do many other photo square editing jobs. You can crop predefined images for Google, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter social platforms. There are also basic photo editing filters, to free draw, add text, rotate, flip and draw rectangles. Once you drag your picture into the square photo online resizer software, the photo square option is already show on the toolbar, just crop and share squared images online, or for offline usage.


Top 2: Photo Funia

Photo Funia is the online square photo software, and you can generate your image in high resolution. You can also add online photo effects, in the time square here with Photo Funia. There are numerous photo effects on the right pane for you to choose from, like Christmas, Lab, Posters and etc. the all photo effects number is 542. You can image that you can add over 500 image effects on your squared image. Therefore, Photo Funia is more like online photo square software, to help you beautifier square images online for free.


Top 3: BeFunky

BeFunky is the popular online photo editor, to add photo layouts, do endless options, and make fun collages online in free way. Compares with other image square makers, BeFunky owns better interface and high quality filters. You can enjoy better photo editing service, without any charge. Though BeFunky is the professional image editor, it is easy to make collages and crop photo into square. If you want to create personal story-telling images, BeFunky is your best choice actually, with divided photo editor, collage maker and designer.


Top 4: Croppola

Croppola support people to analyze and square photo intelligently. It will recommend you the best crop and what the desired aspect ratio is. Croppola will recommend you to get 4:3 landscapes for portrait images. And you can enhance snapshots with different kinds of frames to balance. Moreover, Croppola can help you create calendars, make wallpaper and many other handmade crafts. And there is iOS support square photo maker version as well, with which you can easy edit images on iPhone and iPad.


Top 5: Fotor

Wanna to resize too big or too small images? Fotor can help you actually. Neither registration nor download, you can square photo online free in customize way. It will be really fun to spend time on photo editing with Fotor. Moreover, Fotor is also the comprehensive image editor, which can cover collage making, background adding, photo effects creating and photo square making. The first step will always be image importing, by dragging or normal uploading. Later, you can adjust width and height in the fields, or to adjust image ratio or percentage to make it to be square.


Top 6: Webresizer

Simple but useful online photo size resizer, WebResizer is the bulk organizer as well, to output resized images online. There are basic image editing filters to adjust photo settings as well. The main job Webresizer can do is photo resizing obviously, and later you can rotate, sharpen, tint, add borders and change image quality. No photo quality will reduce after squaring images online here, with the free online photo-resizing tool.


Top 7: Profile Picture Maker

It is not only the free profile maker but also the photo square maker, to help you resize profile images into square. Of course you customize profile image size, and update to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks. Just create the personal cover and resize the photo to suit Instagram as you like.


Top 8: PiZap

You can mix Photo Square and other photo effects together, to create something unique. For instance, the landscape layout can be squared into the portrait layout. So you can output resized images to Facebook timeline cover, Instagram, Twitter header cover and etc. there are many other image editing filters for you to use as well, to add photo effects freely.


Top 9: WinkFlash

Crop your photo into square and print them out to enjoy the special image effects you have made yourself. You can just take the order and email all your need to be squared photos to WinkFlash to print all of them out. All the print papers are in high quality and you can enjoy the discount if you take this change.


Top 10: Photobox

Enjoy the award winning quality and output square photo in different types. You can design the printed images by yourself, and Photobox will follow all of your requirements to print your Square images with quality Fuji film Crystal Archive paper. Well, or you can output them to Instagram perfectly, without image resize any more.