So what is photo stream? Is there anything different to distinguish my photo stream and iCloud Photo Library? And how to use it smartly, to deal with iOS images? So many questions asked among most forums and many other online question sites. Well, today, I will explain iCloud in detail, which contained my photo stream.

Nowadays, people like to record everything in life by photos, to take pictures of pets, babies, or the plants daily. If somebody travels abroad or somewhere with good sceneries, he or she must take many photos with iPhone, since Apple is the World’s largest smart phone provider. Because of the ability of storing large amount of pictures, iCloud has been most people’s choices, to share and save all kinds of photos. There are two main aspects you can get on iOS device, the first one is iCloud Photo Library, and latter is My Photo Stream. Let’s see the accurate destinations below.


iCloud Photo Library VS My Photo Stream

There is totally 5GB free iCloud storage for you to use. It does not mean you can get only 5GB to save photos into iCloud, once you pay for iCloud storage space improving service, it will be enlarged as well. And iCloud Photo Library will take place the limited iCloud storage space and keep all your stored videos and photos updated. The videos and photos stored in iCloud Photo Library will not get any quality damage. Moreover, most file formats are supported here. In addition, iCloud Photo Library has the high compatible with iOS 8.1 or later, plus OS X10.10.3 or later.

If you wanna to know what is photo stream, you can regard it as the spin-off of iCloud Photo Library. In another word, iCloud Photo Library is the upgrade version of My Photo Stream. You are able to keep latest 30 days pictures, and not up to 1000. The advantage of using photo stream is that, it will not cost your iPhone storage space, because of the cloud storage. It is hard to tell whether my photo stream is useful to everyone. But there are still certain cases to benefit from it.

For people whose images stored in my photo stream have over 1000, or greater, your previous images will be removed automatically. It depends on how much photos you have exceeded.


How to Use My Photo Stream

After knowing what is photo stream, it is time to equip the detail operations. Now let us see the whole process to enable, access and delete photos in my photo stream.


Enable My Photo Stream

If you have no plan to store pictures in iCloud Photo Library, but still wanna to view recent images on iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, the following steps are something you have better know.

Step 1: Go to Settings application on your iOS device.

Step 2: Turn to Photos & Camera option.

Step 3: Turn on Upload to My Photo Stream selection.

Once you turn off my photo stream, your will disable all previous iCloud images on your iOS device.


Access My Photo Stream

The moment you open my photo stream button, your images will be uploaded automatically. It may be another aspect to see what is photo stream of iOS devices.

Step 1: Locate Photos application on your iDevice.

Step 2: Choose Albums option on the lower right corner.

Step 3: Select My Photo Stream choice.

For people who have enabled iCloud Photo Library, all new taken pictures will be stored from Photos application. And you may not see my photo streams album.


Delete Photos in My Photo Stream

So how the delete the specific image you do not keep but has existed in my photo stream already? Is there any necessary to delete that image among all iOS devices, or just to log in my photo stream to delete for one time? Uhm, actually, if you have enabled icloud photo library on any Apple device, your shoots will be uploaded to iCloud in auto mode. And you have to go to All Photos section to delete it totally.

Step 1: Launch Photos application as usual.

Step 2: Choose Albums and click My Photo Streams.

Step 3: Select the picture you want to remove.

Step 4: Click the Trash icon on the lower right corner.

Step 5: Hit the X option to erase the picture you wanna to remove from My Photos Streams.

All other Apple devices cannot receive the deleted image any more, after the above operation.



With the above paragraphs have mentioned, do you have clearer impression of what is photo stream at present? If the answer is not quite sure, then I will organize some final descriptions here. My Photo Stream is the feature provided from iCloud, with which you can store recent images in 30 days. Make sure your photo collections are not up to 1000. Moreover, your iPhone storage will not be influenced. So you will not face the embarrassing situation of running out of space. All in all, it is worth to enable my photo stream, to duplicate images without costing anything. Thus, it is safe and free to try my photo stream, to collect not so important pictures within a month.